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What our customers say

At taste, we are proud of our product and our service and we work extremely hard to please.

Below are some snippets of feedback we have received over the last 12 months from our highly valued members!

One of the best decisions I have ever made

I joined the Tastecard scheme in October 2011 and quite honestly it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a great scheme.

Howard Elson (November 2012)

Number #1

My Tastecard has been my best buy ever

Good morning. Thank you for your email today reminding me that my tastecard is due for renewal soon. Yes, I would like to renew. My Tastecard has been my best buy ever! I look forward to receiving my new card and to continue enjoying the fantastic discounts offered by you.

Linda Bevan (July 2012)

Saved a fortune

La Tasca Edinburgh. Took a load of guys there for a night out, saved a fortune and the taste card was welcomed !

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We saved £28 on a meal

Our favourite Tastecard restaurant is the Cock and Dragon in Cockfosters...we saved £28 on a meal for 2 on Sunday just gone!

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Saved £26 and the bill was £12 each

Busaba in Covent Garden. Saved £26 and the bill was £12 each including a tip. Bargain.

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saved a small fortune

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Great deal for 2 superb roast dinners

Enjoy a fantastic Sunday roast at d'Arry's in Cambridge quite often due to the 241 offer, save £15 each time, great deal for 2 superb roast dinners :)

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Winner for me!

Busaba Ethai Covent garden is a winner for me! Always at least 25 saving :)

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tastecard is fab

tastecard is fab. We have got some really good deals

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Tastecard is amazing!

Tastecard is amazing! Had the best sushi last night for half the price. #yum

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Blown away by how well organised you were

I just wanted to put pen to paper and say what a wonderful experience I have had buying my very first TasteCard. I called your office yesterday and was told how to order for a gift and I was blown away by how well organised you were, what a great website you have and how good and motivated your team sounds. I have just received an email stating my card will be with me soon, again excellent service. I have been involved in customer service and IT for over 20 years and It's not often I am so taken aback by a new company, new web store and attitude of customer service excellence. Well done indeed to the management and vision. I can't wait to give the card as a gift and then use it with my partner. Thank you and congratulations

Shaun Gamble May 2012

New to taste card but definitely loving it so far!

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Holy Moly

I used tastecard to take my Canadian cousin to autumn good food show, all she could say was 'holy moly' all the time and is now hooked on masterchef

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Tastecard is brilliant

Tastecard is brilliant, great savings and free tickets as well , what more could you want !

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Really good deal

Dear Hannah, Many thanks for getting back to me and verifying the Tastecard position. I think Tastecard is a great scheme and always tell everyone who will listen to me! I have passed your information onto my friend; let's see what she does. I am very happy to sign on for another year at £29.99; it's a really good deal and encourages me to spoil myself with eating out without going broke!

Anna Waskowski (June 2012)

I love my tastecard!

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Great value for little effort :o)

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Best card ever.

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Great value

I have had a taste card for nearly two years and find it great value. More restaurants are accepting tastecard so there is no longer any trouble finding a place to eat for half price.

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Tasty results! Great buy.

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tastecard you are ABSOLUTELY the greatest.

Tastecard you are ABSOLUTELY the greatest. When we 'skyped' our friends on Christmas morning we learned that they had actually received the new gift of membership to their home on Thursday. We watched them open the package and start naming the places they wanted to visit for dinner. Thank you so much for making this possible for us - please pass this note on to a supervisor as a credit to your customer service.

Dott VanDervort (December 2012)

Customer service

Customer Service at its best!

I am extremely impressed and grateful, 'Customer Service' at its best! Thank you very much.

Andy (November 2012)

Best thing since sliced bread?

I do not dine out that often but since I have had this card I have used it enabling my wife and I to eat out more often than would have been the case. Should I say the best thing since sliced bread? Certainly worth every penny.

Norman Hawkins (October 2012)

Discount with my Tastecard made it all that more enjoyable

Ukai in Soho was an amazing Japanese taste experience. The discount with my Tastecard made it all that more enjoyable. Saving of over £50 easily between 2! :-)

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Absolutely love taste

Me please - London!! Absolutely love taste - I go out for dinner a lot more now than I used to!! A favourite of mine is Strada - 2-4-1 on each course is an amazing save (we saved £40) and definitely encourages me to go more often! Not so sure the waist line is as grateful!!! :-)

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Saved over £100!

Lots of good ones but in terms of value, Planet Hollywood in Central London - eight of us, 50 per cent off the bill, saved over £100!

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I just love the Taste Festivals

I just love the Taste Festivals if I won I could take my daughter to experience the wonderful food and atmosphere in Oxford as she lives in Oxfordshire and I live in Wales what a wonderful way to spend a day with your daughter

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Decided to stay at the hotel as well!

I went to The Kailyard, Nick Nairn's restaurant at The Dunblane Doubletree Hotel. My girlfriend and I saved £62 on the meal so we decided to stay at the hotel as well!

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Thanks TC!

Best restaurant EVER - Stoke Place's Garden Room...it's like the Alice in Wonderland of dining experience, they kept bringing pre-courses with the most amazing flavours. I think the last time we saved £25 each for four of us! Thanks TC!

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Saved probably around £80

Pizza express, saved probably around £80 on meals so far if not more!

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Saved loads of money on the food

The Nepalese tandoori in shepherds bush. Went there for my works leaving do, the food was amazing and we saved loads of money on the food, meaning we could purchase more drinks afterwards!

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Tastecard is well worth it

Tastecard is well worth it - my year's subscription was paid back after two uses.

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tastecard is one of my favourite purchases of the year

@tastecard is one of my favourite purchases of the year. Already paid for itself in wonderful food twice over.

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Absolutely love taste card it's fab

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Tastecard... makes great restaurants affordable!

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Live tastecard

Live tastecard...great asset to carry in your wallet.

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Really enjoyed the card

Thank you very much :-) Even being out of the country I will keep on trying to get you some more customers. We really enjoyed the card when we were there (you should start doing that here, in the US!) Thanks again!

Jose Maria Andres Martin (June 2012)

Brilliant card - we're eating out so much more.

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Best customer service I ever received

This is the best customer service I ever received. Thank you guys, quick replies and any query sorted up to my satisfaction. You just made my birthday a better day :-) Many thanks

Iveta (October 2012)


What a brilliant idea you are!

Dear Tastecard, just a little email to say a huge THANK YOU! Love eating out and eating out cheaply is a fab idea! Huge appreciation to all of you at tastecard.

Lucinda Randolph (November 2012)

Must have saved over £50

I adore La Tasca in Omni Centre. We have been so many times I must have saved over £50

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Re invested the saving in cocktails

Somewhere north of £80 in Mint Leaf restaurant, Haymarket - Re invested the saving in cocktails though :)

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Can save £30+ each time we go! Amazing!

Everest Spice in Epsom, Surrey - 50% off up to a group of 4, means we can save £30+ each time we go! Amazing!

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Easily saved over £100

La Tasca and Fire and Stone restaurants - have easily saved over £100 on visits to both - great food, service and value!

50% off!!! AMAZING!!!

Has to be the living rooms in St Katherines dock. Had a gorgeous 3 course meal for my boyfriend's birthday and got 50% off!!! AMAZING!!!

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Favourite Taste card restaurant

Favourite Taste card restaurant... would have to be Henry J Beans! So delicious and 241 managed to save about £12 and then it was happy hour for drinks! Amazing :)

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Cheers Tastecard!

Was on my own shopping and got peckish got chatting to some random stranger and we had a laugh over GBK saved over 18 quid. Great lunch. Kiwi burger rocks. Cheers Tastecard!

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Excellent customer service

Thank you so much Linn! I followed your instructions and "hey presto" I'm a happy bunny :-) I would like to say thank you for the excellent customer service you have provided. It is a pleasure to deal with someone who dealt with my enquiry so quickly and efficiently. You are an asset to tastecard! I shall write a sparkling review. I love my tastecard! Have a lovely afternoon...

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Carry on the good work

Just 2 say how fantastic we have found Taste-card, we have used it up and down the Country and been into restaurants we otherwise wouldn't have tried. Carry on the good work. Thank you.

Roz Jarrett October 2012

Love food and taste card

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Loving my Tastecard experience!

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What a fantastic bargain

Use my tastecard every week. Saves us nearly £800 every year. What a fantastic bargain.

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Insert amazing Tastecard comment here! Would love a pair!

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I've saved a fortune

I've used TASTECARD in Harrogate, York , and Mayfair -London and i've saved a fortune, its well well worth it, would'nt think of going anywhere without it

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I'm still so in love with Tastecard

I'm still so in love with Tastecard...particularly because I can use it at Luigi's, Gipsy Hill. I wouldn't have known about the place, let alone tried it, had it not been for the 50% off Tastecard gives...but now I've discovered just how DIVINE it is and look for excuses to go regularly. I've probably been there ten times in the last eight months, each time introducing a new friend to its delights. Please can you try to sign-up some restaurants in Catford, SE6? Thank you Tastecard :)

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Eat out for less, great when money is short

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It's fab!

I have had my card for almost a year and I couldn't afford to eat out without it ! It's fab !

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What do YOU say?


I love taste

Thank you very much. That's fantastic. I love taste. I think it's an amazing offer, and yet you offer over the whole year. I'll be with you for many more years to come!

Nadine Tiffany (September 2012)

Me and my boyfriend love taste, as do all my friends

Me and my boyfriend love taste, as do all my friends. Our favourite restaurant is Prezzo we love the calamari and atmosphere. When we lived in London we actively searched for Taste restaurants and fell across amazing different cuisine restaurants we wouldn't normally go in, leaving us with great memories :) we use our card at least 3 times a week. If we didn't have the card we wouldn't ever dine out. I couldn't tell you how much we've saved but it must be a FORTUNE. Plus it gets us out of the house! THANK YOU we love it.

Sherry Key (October 2012)

Save about £12 every time we go!

Sartori in Leicester square - best pizza in London without a doubt - save about £12 every time we go!

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Saved a good deal and plan to go back again!

La Tasca Windsor. The tapas were delicious and the sangria was great! Saved a good deal and plan to go back again!

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Pizza Express in Perth, 50%. Fab!!

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I saved about £40 it was so good!

The best restaurant was Rodizio Rico's and I saved about £40 it was so good! So much meat!!

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UKAI Soho - £45 - brilliant discount!

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Half price!

Busaba Eathai-Floral street! Lunch for four with side orders was £32! Half price! My fave along with las iguanas!

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I use tastecard all the time

Lotus Lounge in Parkstone, which is fantastic for fresh Chinese/ Thai. We saved £40! Definitely visiting again. Thanks, I use tastecard all the time.

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Thanks tastecard

Another lovely evening out! Thanks @tastecard for saving me and friends £155 in the last two days!!!!

tweet 2012

Couldn't do it without the tastecard

Brilliant card - loved our meals out with it. Took my little granddaughter out for lunch on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it (and it didn't break the bank)!! Couldn't do it without the tastecard - Thank you very much. Margaret Davies

Margaret Davis April 2012

Best ever buy all my family love tastecard!!!

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Would not even think of cancelling my subscription!

Just received my new tastecard would not even think of cancelling subscription! Perfect!

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Thank you so much

We couldn't afford to go out for a meal before we had Tastecard. Now me and my husband get the opportunity to have some amazing meals out. Thank you so much

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Used my tastecard for first time today at Rock Cafe in Huddersfield. The meal was lovely .. Prices extremely reasonable .. Starting from £5. And you get 50% off. Three meals came to £7.50 .. Bargain! Will definitely return!!

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Taste card revolutionized eating habits of many.

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First class service

Thanks to the lovely Amanda in your call centre for sending my replacement card out so quickly. First class service

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love having this card - have made loads of savings

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