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For me, Pizza Hut is the ultimate nostalgia. It is 7th birthday parties with a few of your best schools friends, dressed up in jazzy Tammy Girl tops and pedal pushers, each piling bowls high with endless swirls of ice cream from the Ice Cream Factory (the number of toppings you had on your ice-cream was relative to how cool you were).

It is visits into town as a teen with my girlfriends, when hours of fun could be found in mooching around a shopping mall, and the day was always capped off at the pizza buffet, talking about the new tops we had just bought and the boys at school that we fancied.

It is student hangovers, where the only cure would be a large stuffed crust pizza topped with ALL the meat and cheese available. The visits to the bottomless salad bar returned all the pasta salad carbs rather than any vegetables.

It is a place of simple pleasures, done well.

One of the great things about Pizza Hut is that it will never break the bank, and yet you’ll always leave nicely full. Now with an added tastecard discount, you’ll never feel the pinch again! With this in mind, I headed to the Reading restaurant at The Oracle Riverside, just a short walk from my house, to see if I could get a whiff of that much-missed nostalgia. I went along with my brother Jack, a man who is known to put away at least 2 pizzas a week and is a bit of a pizza connoisseur – not that I haven’t had my fair share in my time.

When we arrived we sat by the window, where picturesque summer evening views across the river made for a spectacular setting and gave us the perfect opportunity to people watch and take in all that was around us before we simultaneously examined the menu.

All of the classics we know, remember and love are still available. The infamous cheese stuffed crust is still there (if there ever is a day where it leaves the Pizza Hut menu, it will be a sad day, like the day The O.C got cancelled, or Cousin Matthew died on Downton Abbey) as is the thick based Pan pizza. But as the years have progressed, so has the kitchen, and now the menu can cater to the gluten intolerant and those watching their calorie intake! Pizza Hut certainly has moved with the times.

To drink, Jack went for the endless soda fountain, while I chose to go with the refreshing and zingy still lemonade from their virgin cocktail menu – both of which made for fabulous accompaniments to the scrumptious dishes chosen. We were looking at the menu for a good while, and if we had been in the mood for something alcoholic, there were plenty to choose from in the 241 Happy Hour! The stand outs for me from the range of cocktails and hard shakes (alcoholic milk shakes, as if milk shakes couldn’t get any better?!) were the delicious looking Raspberry Mojitos and the Bailey’s Choc Mud Slice.

To begin our meal, Jack and I chose a few of the starters; the Chicken Wings, new to the menu (or rather, a return to the menu) were incredibly succulent, effortlessly peeled back from the bones and with a sweet and juicy BBQ flavour, while the Popcorn Shrimp were crisp and sweet, like little bites of heaven. Alongside this, of course, we had a bowl of salad from the bottomless salad bar, because no Pizza Hut visit is complete without a bowl packed with a variety of salad, topped with their well known and loved “bacon” bits, which are actually veggie friendly dontcha know!

While the main course menu boasts a variety of options aside from the various pizza dishes, such as ribs and pasta, I was too tempted by the calorie friendly flatbreads, all of which promise to come in at under 600 calories (which was perfect, as it made justifying dessert even easier!). The options are all attractive, and I was torn between the BBQ steak, Tuna Nicoise and the Shrimply Delicious (because if anything, I just love a pun!), but it was the BBQ steak flatbread that won it for me, with the temptation of a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce, onion, mixed peppers and shaved steak, topped with fresh rocket. The flatbread base is so perfectly crispy and thin that I was able to eat the entire thing and wasn’t left with that uncomfortable feeling of fullness. With so much flavour for so few calories, this is a total winner.

Meanwhile, Jack went with the All American Thin base Meat Feast topped with sliced ham, pepperoni, beef and chicken breast. With such a variety of meats, and a base thin enough to not distract from the toppings, it was a good pizza for any meat lover and he was impressed.

Pizzas polished off, it was time to see if the Ice Cream Factory was as magical as my memories served. 20 years on from those birthday parties, I promised myself I’d exercise self-restraint when it came to piling the toppings high. And I did. If anything, I let my creative side shine out and made myself a masterpiece of a dessert!

With golden nuggets and rainbow smarties, chocolate stars and crunchy balls, my self-designed sundae was a joy, both visually and on the palate! The ice-cream isn’t far off a Mr Whippy (super creamy and smooth) and the toppings are a delight, as you’d expect. For less than £4 you’d struggle to find a more happiness-inducing pud!

When a restaurant is able to transport you back to happier and simpler times, and that perfect piece of nostalgia works hand in hand with a contemporary and well-styled American themed dining area and a ethos that is dedicated to customer comfort and satisfaction, all in the creation of a dining experience that I am sure to enjoy time and time again. It might not specialise in sourdough, and it may not have fancy artisanal toppings, but what it has is a comfort and the ability to see you through every stage of your life, and with an additional tastecard discount to make it all easier on your wallet, what more could you want?

You can now get 2 for 1 across starters, mains and desserts at Pizza Hut Restaurants with your tastecard. Find your nearest >http://bit.ly/2sA9wjR

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