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Gravesend, Watling Street, Shorne

The Willow Bar At The Inn On The Lake Hotel


25% off barista-made drinks
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This venue is home to some exquisite eateries that each make for fine stop off spots for the eager explorer, the Willow Bar provides a relaxed, casual setting for dining out in Gravesend with loved ones. Regardless of whether you are staying overnight in one of the luxury bedrooms or are just visiting in search of some sumptuous fare, the Willow Restaurant at the Inn on the Lake Hotel is certainly one of the more inviting places to eat out in Gravesend. The selection has been known to feature a wealth of British favourites and the odd; a scampi & chips combo, a delectable wild mushroom risotto and a tantalising chicken & ribs option making for three fine examples.

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The Willow Bar At The Inn On The Lake Hotel,
Watling Street, Shorne,
United Kingdom