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Frequently Asked Questions

Arrow What is tastecard?

tastecard is the UK & Ireland’s largest diners club, with over 6,000 restaurants offering over 2,350,000 members huge savings every time they dine out. Each member receives a personalised membership card which they show at the restaurants to receive the discount.

Arrow What offers are available to the members?

There are only 2 offers for the restaurants to choose from:

50% off the total food bill: This applies to everyone dining in the group, although the restaurant may place a maximum number of people per booking (see website for each individual offer).

2 for 1: This is an offer for couples and applies to all courses ordered (starters, mains and desserts). The cheaper item from each course is deducted from the bill.

Arrow How do I get my tastecard discount?

1 Visit 1...or download our FREE
App to search for a
tastecard restaurant.
2 Book your tableStep 2unless otherwise stated make an advanced booking mentioning tastecard.
3 Present your tastecardStep 3enjoy your meal & get
2 for 1 or 50% off
your food bill.

Arrow What are the average savings each time I use the card?

It depends where you go and how many people are in the group, but average savings are around £25-£30 each time the card is used. (Starters, mains and desserts).

Arrow Can I dine alone?

Lone diners are able to dine at 50% restaurants and receive the tastecard discount; however the 2 for 1 offer does require 2 people for the discount to be applied.

Arrow Can I use more than one tastecard per booking?

Only one tastecard can be used per booking unless stated otherwise on the individual restaurants page.

Arrow Can we have more diners in our party than the maximum number stated and still receive a discount on part of the bill?

The maximum number is there to state how many diners can dine in one party, if more people dine the restaurant are under no obligation to give you any discount or accept your tastecard.

Arrow Why didn't we receive the tastecard discount on the sharing platter or side dishes we ordered?

The tastecard discount is not applied on any sharing dishes, and side dishes are only included in the 50% off the total food bill offer.

Arrow Why didn't I receive the discount when I ordered from the set menu?

The tastecard discount is only applied to the à la carte menu. If a restaurant offers a set menu this would not qualify for the tastecard discount.

Arrow Why was the service charge applied to the total bill before the tastecard discount was deducted?

The tastecard discount only applies to the food bill and not service charge as the service you receive is the same as it would be for a full paying customer. Therefore any service charge would be applied prior to any discount being deducted.

Arrow I have seen a restaurant on your website which has closed down, why is this still appearing?

We rely on our partner restaurants to contact us if they wish to be removed from tastecard. If you are aware of any restaurant which is no longer accepting the discount our dedicated team are contactable at and would love to hear from you.

Arrow Does the tastecard discount apply to takeaways?

Unfortunately the tastecard discount does not apply to takeaways. Members must dine in the restaurant to receive the discount.

Arrow Is my choice of dishes limited when using my tastecard?

No! Your tastecard can be used against any item on the restaurant's à la carte menu, so you’re never restricted for choice!

Please note the offer cannot typically be used in conjunction with any special set menu or other offer

Arrow Why do restaurants participate and provide such a big discount to taste members?

As taste is a closed community, the restaurants are able to offer a large discount without publicising that offer to the general public. As our members pay for membership they are the type of customers that the restaurants like to get through their doors.

The whole ethos of tastecard is to make eating out more affordable, thus encouraging people to eat out more regularly. By doing this, we are helping both our members and our partner restaurants; and as such are highly valued by both.

Arrow Can I use my card 7 days a week?

Yes! Thousands of our restaurants offer the tastecard discount 7 days a week. Some restaurants do have individual restrictions including weekend days or celebration days, so please check the individual restaurant details on our website prior to booking.

Note: All restaurants are able to exclude Friday and/or Saturday nights, all of December and Bank Holidays if they so choose. Other reasonable exclusions may sometimes apply, for example some chain restaurants may exclude Friday and Saturday day times. Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day are automatically excluded from the offer. Full details can be found on each individual restaurant page.

Arrow Why do some restaurants ask members to book in advance?

If the restaurant has a telephone icon illustrated on its page then advance bookings must be made, and tastecard must be mentioned. This is because if the discount has not been mentioned and the bill is produced, the manager would then have to recalculate the bill; which can be time consuming. If the restaurant is already aware that you are a tastecard member, they can calculate the bill including the discount from the outset.

Participating restaurants do require members to make an advanced booking at least 2 hours prior to dining where the call icon is displayed on their individual page.

The restaurant is under no obligation to offer a discount if a booking mentioning tastecard is not made in advance.

Arrow Can I recommend a restaurant to join tastecard?

If you have any recommendations for restaurants then we would love to hear from you. Please send details to

Arrow How do I join?

We would love to have you as part of the UK's No.1 Diners' Club!

Click here to sign up for a trial or check out our latest offers.

Arrow Can I buy a membership as a gift for someone else?


Click here to buy a gift membership for a loved one. We'll even add a personalised greeting of your choice, gift wrap the membership together with a high quality printed membership guide and deliver it directly to the recipient for you!

Arrow How long will my membership card take to arrive?

Using our standard UK delivery we estimate delivery should take 3-5 working days. If you opt for a faster delivery option it will of course arrive sooner. You will find full details of your estimated delivery time in your confirmation email.

Arrow How can I update my contact details?

Members can update their details by contacting our Customer Service Team on 0800 5677 241 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri), alternatively email the change of details to

Arrow Why won't the website accept my email address when trying to login to tastecard+?

You will need to register your membership to use tastecard+ or the digital app -

Arrow What happens if I lose my tastecard?

If you lose your tastecard you are able to request a replacement by calling our Customer Service Team, there is a standard £15 administration for issuing the replacement. Payment can be taken over the phone using credit/debit card and a replacement issued with the original expiry date.

Alternatively you can register to use the digital tastecard through one of our Apps which can be presented in place of the physical tastecard.

Arrow Why can't I apply for another free trial?

Free trials are strictly limited to one per household.

Arrow Are the cards transferable?

No, the cards are strictly non-transferable. They are printed with your name on, so cannot be loaned to friends or family members

Arrow How do I keep informed of new restaurants joining?

Our website, is fully up-to-date with all of the offers currently available. The number of restaurants is growing all of the time, and you can keep informed by visiting the website and signing up for the taste newsletter, which will be emailed to you detailing new restaurants that have joined the scheme.

When you are out and about, we have our 3 Smartphone apps available, all free to download, helping you to make the most of your tastecard. Apps are available for iPhone, Android & Windows!

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Arrow Do you have a smartphone app?

The tastecard mobile App is available for iPhone, Android and Windows users. (Compatibility Requirements: iPhone (iOS 6.0 and above) or Android (OS 3.0 and above))

Click here for more information about our mobile Apps

For assistance on how to use our Apps, please check our App User Guides using the links below:
iOS User Guide
Android User Guide

Arrow What is tastecard+?

tastecard+ offers hundreds of exclusive member only discount offers, competitions and giveaways to help you save money on even more than just dining out! We have everything from discounted hotels; theatre offers; special dining discounts at Michelin Star and AA Rosette restaurants, to reduced price days out, discounted cinema tickets or competitions giving you chance to win fantastic holidays!

Click here to find out more about tastecard+

How much does it cost to add tastecard+ to my membership?

tastecard+ access is £24.99 in addition to your membership fee. This runs for the duration of your membership and will be renewed in line with your tastecard membership annually.

Arrow How do I cancel my tastecard?

If you do not wish to renew your membership you should contact us by telephone on 0800 5677 241 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri) at any point within your 12 month membership period and no later than 5pm on the working day preceding your renewal date. Please refer to tastecard’s Terms and Conditions of membership for full details of your renewal date. You can cancel online using the online cancellation form.

Arrow Will my renewal fee remain the same each year?

Any changes will always be communicated within your renewal reminder email, alternatively you can contact us via telephone to discuss your renewal price. The cancellation requirement does remain the same.

Arrow I am a NatWest or RBS tastecard member?

If you have any queries relating to your NatWest or RBS tastecard please contact us via:
NatWest -

Not sure how to use your card?

Read moreRead more about how to use your tastecard

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