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tastecard+ FAQs

If you need help with any aspect of tastecard+ please check the FAQs below for answers to some common questions. Looking for tastecard FAQs?

If you need help with how to register with tastecard+ or claiming offers within the tastecard+ site please see our tastecard+ user guide for additional guidance

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About tastecard+

What is tastecard+ and how does it work?

tastecard+ is our exclusive members’ only access area where we have hundreds of discounts, offers, competitions and giveaways to help you save money on even more than just dining out!

What kinds of offers does tastecard+ provide?

We have everything from discounted hotels; theatre offers; special dining discounts at Michelin Star and AA Rosette restaurants, to reduced price days out; free cinema tickets; competitions giving you the chance to win fantastic holidays and much much more!

What are the terms and conditions of tastecard+?

Please visit our main tastecard website to see full terms of website use and membership terms and conditions, including detail of the specific terms of tastecard+ membership.

What is the tastecard+ privacy policy?

tastecard+, as part of Taste Marketing Limited, is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Any personal data you provide us will not be shared with our third party partners without your express permission. To read the full Taste Marketing Limited privacy policy please visit

How can I contact tastecard+?

Please check all the FAQs to see if we have already answered your question. However if you would like assistance or any other information please contact our customer service team using the Enquiries Form or contact details on this page.

Accessing tastecard+

Why do I have to pay to access tastecard+?

Through tastecard+ we’re offering even more opportunities to save, so it’s not only dining out with tastecard that can save you money!

Now you can save on days out, holidays, hotels and more, plus with discounts on entertainment, theatre, cinema and comedy; special dining discounts at Michelin Star and AA Rosette restaurants; and frequent freebies, giveaways and competitions there are endless opportunities for you to make even more savings with tastecard+!

I have a tastecard trial card, can I access tastecard+?

Yes! You will have access to tastecard+ offers for the duration of your trial.

Please note, any bookings or reservations made must fall within your trial period as you will need to present a VALID tastecard membership or trial card on arrival at a venue or event.

I am a tastecard member, how do I access tastecard+?

tastecard+ is exclusively available to full tastecard members with memberships upgraded to include tastecard+ access.

If you’re already a tastecard member but your membership does not include tastecard+ simply upgrade your existing tastecard membership to a tastecard+ membership to get full access!
Upgrade to tastecard+ >

If your membership already includes tastecard+ you must register a tastecard account either online or using our mobile app in order to gain access to tastecard+ offers and discounts.
Register Now >

How do I find out if my tastecard membership includes access to tastecard+?

When you register your tastecard account online or within the mobile App we ask you to provide a valid tastecard membership number. When you sign in we will check your membership number for you and let you know if you have access to tastecard+ or if you need to upgrade.

If my membership includes tastecard+ access and I click upgrade, could I be charged again?

No, our membership records will recognise you have already paid for tastecard+ and will not allow you to proceed through the upgrade process again for that membership.

I bought a tastecard membership but I opted out of tastecard+, can I upgrade now?

Yes! You can update your current membership to include tastecard+ at any time during your membership by visiting

I have a tastecard gift membership, can I access tastecard+?

When your gift membership was bought the buyer will have had an option to include or exclude tastecard+ from the gift membership.

When you activate your tastecard account online or within the mobile App we will ask you to provide your tastecard gift membership number. When you sign in we will check your membership number for you and let you know if you have access to tastecard+ or if you need to upgrade.

Why can’t I sign in to my tastecard account?

You may not have created your tastecard account. You do not need to create an account on our website in order to purchase your tastecard membership, therefore you will need to register an online account after you have bought your membership.

If you have already created an account previously you may be providing the incorrect sign in information. However, if you visit you can request a new password to be sent to the email address you registered with us. Simply follow the instructions on this page to access to your account.

I have created an account on the tastecard mobile App, can I used these details to sign in to tastecard+?

Yes! If you have previously downloaded our new mobile App to your iOS, Android or Windows Phone mobile device you can use the same sign in details to access tastecard+ too, and vice versa!

Joining tastecard+

I'm not a tastecard member, how can I become a tastecard+ member?

Become a tastecard member today and opt in to include tastecard+ access in your membership to get instant access to tastecard+ Buy tastecard membership now >

Can I become a tastecard+ member without being a tastecard member?

No, tastecard+ is only available as an added extra to tastecard membership.

Can I use Paypal to upgrade my membership to tastecard+?

We don’t currently offer Paypal as a payment option for upgrading accounts, however this option will be coming soon!

I am buying a tastecard gift for a friend, will they get access to tastecard+?

When you buy your gift you can choose to include access to tastecard+ in your gift, or not.

If you choose to include tastecard+ as part of your gift, instructions for your giftee to activate their tastecard+ accounts will be included in their welcome packs.

If you choose not to include tastecard+ as part of your gift, your giftee will have the option to upgrade to a tastecard+ membership at any time during their gift membership.

When will my tastecard+ membership expire?

Your tastecard+ membership will expire on the same date as your full tastecard membership. If you upgraded to tastecard+ after your tastecard membership has already begun your tastecard+ membership will still expire on the same date as your regular tastecard membership.

How do I renew my tastecard+ membership?

Your tastecard+ membership will automatically be renewed at the same time as your tastecard membership.

How do I cancel my tastecard+ membership?

You have the right to cancel your tastecard+ membership within 14 days from receipt of your membership documentation (if bought at the same time as your tastecard membership); or within 14 days from receipt of your order confirmation email if your tastecard+ membership was bought as an additional membership upgrade.

If you cancel your tastecard membership in accordance with the cancellation policy described in our membership terms and conditions your membership and access to tastecard+ will be terminated also.

Membership card

Will I receive a plastic tastecard+ card when I become a tastecard+ member?

No, tastecard+ is a digital only product so while you will have a tastecard+ digital membership card within the tastecard mobile App, you will not receive a plastic tastecard+ membership card as well. Unless you have opted for a digital only tastecard membership you will however still recieve your regular plastic tastecard membership.

I have an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone Smart Phone but I don't have the tastecard mobile App, where can I download it?

Download our App and not only will you be able to access tastecard+ on the go, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the other fantastic features. Our mobile App options to search for your favourite restaurants or discover new eateries; book your tastecard reservations and write reviews and access your digital tastecard membership card. Plus, you can even keep track of how much you’re saving in your tastecard App wallet!
Download our iPhone App
Download our Android App

I have the mobile App, and a membership including access to tastecard+, how do I access tastecard+ using the app?

To access tastecard+ within the mobile App simply open the in-App menu option and you will see a new tastecard+ option. If you cannot see this on your mobile device you will need to install the latest version of the App

Please note, if you do not have a tastecard membership that includes tastecard+ you will be asked to upgrade your account before you can claim offers.

I don't have an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone Smart Phone, can I still claim tastecard+ offers?

Yes, many of our offers link directly to our partner sites so do not require the digital membership card.

For those offers that ask members to present their tastecard+ digital membership card on arrival, there is an alternative to quote a promotional discount code for those members that do not have iPhone or Android smart phones.

My mobile device has been lost or stolen, can my digital membership be blocked?

Yes, if you lose your mobile device we can deactivate your digital membership so no-one else is able to use it.
Please call our customer service team and they will be able to arrange this for you, along with assisting you in transferring your digital membership to your new or replacement mobile device.

Offers and Competitions

How do I access offers online – do I need to sign in?

Yes you must sign in to your online account in order to access tastecard+ offers, giveaways and competitions. tastecard+ is exclusively only available to its members.

What are the terms and conditions of the offers and competitions?

The terms and conditions of each offer, giveaway or competition are different and are stipulated by our partners. Full details of terms and conditions can be found on each individual offer details page.

How many times can I use an offer?

Each individual offer will have different terms and conditions with regard to the number of times you can claim an offer. There will be instances where offers will only be offered once per member or household, and others will be unlimited. Please check each individual offer details page for any restrictions.

Where can I give tastecard+ feedback on offers and events?

We are constantly seeking to improve and develop tastecard+ for the benefit of our members and therefore our member feedback is very important to us. While we cannot guarantee to act on every piece of feedback we receive we try to take as much of what our members tell us into consideration as possible.

If you would like to leave feedback for us please email

I’ve had problems claiming a tastecard+ offer, who should I contact for help?

If the problem you have experienced has been with the functionality of our website ( there may be an issue that we are unaware of and need to address if you have been unable to claim an offer you have seen. In this instance please contact us on for assistance.

However, if the problem you are experiencing is within one of our third party partners’ websites please contact them directly as they will be best placed to assist you and resolve any issues you may be having.

An offer I wanted to claim has expired, is there any way I can still claim it?

The offer expiry dates shown on our site are dictated by the third party partners we work with. Therefore if an offer has expired this is absolute unless our partner contacts us to extend the offer. If you contact us to request to use an offer after the closing date we will unfortunately be unable to honour this.

I entered a competition but haven’t heard anything, how can I find out if I have won or not?

Because of the volume of competition entries we only contact the winners to notify them that they have won. We do not contact all entrants. However, if you do ever win one of our competitions we will always send you an email to notify you of your success, if you don’t hear from us, unfortunately you have not won.

How do I return an item I bought through a tastecard+ offer?

Any purchases made are processed by our partners, therefore if you would like to return an item you will need to consult individual third party returns policies for details.

An offer I want to claim requires me to download a PDF Voucher but my computer doesn’t allow me to download it. How can I access this offer?

It is possible that your computer does not have the latest version of adobe acrobat reader. Download and install this here and PDF vouchers will now download

A discount code showing on a tastecard+ offer is not working, how can I claim this offer?

We endeavour to ensure that our website is fully up to date and that all the discount codes we advertise are working as they should. However, if you do ever find that a code is not working please do contact us and we will investigate this with our partners.

Why has a restaurant listed on tastecard+ refused to honour the discount shown?

To ensure that you receive the advertised discount you must ensure you adhere to the restaurants’ terms and conditions when making your tastecard+ reservation and when ordering your meal.

NB. All tastecard+ restaurants require a pre-booking over the phone mentioning tastecard+ for the discount to be honoured. Some restaurants will stipulate that you must quote a discount code when making your reservations. In some cases there will be other restrictions e.g. a discount only applying to certain menus or dishes.
Please check the restaurant details pages at before your visit to ensure you are aware of all possible restrictions and terms.

Is tastecard+ or the third party company providing the offer liable for honouring the offers advertised?

tastecard+ contains material submitted and created by third parties. We exclude all liability for any illegality arising from or error, omission or inaccuracy in such material and we take no responsibility for such material.

We reserve the right to amend tastecard+ offers' terms and conditions at any time by giving you notice by posting the amended terms and conditions on our site. However, please note that you will be subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time that you claim an offer from the third party.

We will use reasonable endeavours to update the tastecard+ site to show the particulars of our featured offers and the terms of their availability. Participating offers and discounts may, however, be entitled to withdraw from tastecard+ or to change the terms and conditions of their availability after you have claimed the offer and we shall have no liability for any such withdrawals or changes in terms and conditions or availability.