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London, 176 Upper Street, Islington

Comedor Grill & Bar

Steak & Grill

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Comedor - Spanish for Dining Room. The aim here is to make Comedor become your dining room. Their promise to you is constant and consistent excellence in offering exciting foods and flavours, served proficiently in a warm, welcoming environment. The food here is predominantly inspired by South America - a whole continent of often overlooked cuisine! And what a continent it is - astonishing diversity of flavours and tastes, plants and animals, arising from the historic melting pot of ancient indigenous worlds of Incas and Mayas and "new" European traditions. Remember the time not that long ago when sushi was hard to find? With a growing army of devotees, dishes from Peru and Colombia, such as empanadas or ceviche, are fast becoming as popular as flavours from Europe or the Far East. Comedor offers a mouth-watering array of Argentinian steaks, meat and fish, as well as a wide choice of chicken, prawn, seafood and vegetarian lighter options and snacks, including an innovative range of salads. In Comedor they can satisfy a broad range of needs and hungers!

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Comedor Grill & Bar,
176 Upper Street, Islington,
United Kingdom