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Manchester, 884 Hyde Road

Jollof Cafe


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Jollof Cafe is a lively African venue that offers a variety of authentic meals such as yam and plantain dishes and brings exotic African cuisine to the heart of Manchester. At Jollof, not only do they serve food, but also educate you, their customers about the continent of Africa. African cuisine is truly diverse and the chefs at the restaurant make this apparent; creating a wide range of delicious and authentic meals. Explore the varieties of grains and rice, the stews and curries of Africa and catch the influence in the names of dishes and have fun as you discover why it is said that in Africa. And, like in any good meal, you wouldn't dare leave out the restaurant?s specialty desserts and African brews. The menu is divided between vegetarian, meat and fish dishes, but staff advise diners to order a combination of different dishes from around the menu, and to tuck in and taste them all. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly service makes it a popular destination with locals. You may not have thought about trying African food before, but now's the time! Go and enjoy this unique opportunity to savour the unrivalled sounds, tastes, and aromas of African culture and cuisine. You can be assured of a warm African welcome at all times! Next time you're booking a meal, if you're bored of the same old restaurants, why not give Jollof Cafe a whirl?

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Jollof Cafe,
884 Hyde Road,
M18 7LH,
United Kingdom