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Cardiff, Grand Hotel, Westgate Street

Mango House Restaurant - Cardiff

Indian Asian

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Please note: bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Situated in the beautifully restored former Grand Hotel on Westgate Street, the Mango House in Cardiff is sure to follow in the extremely successful footsteps of the established Mango House restaurant in Magor. The restaurant has been elegantly furnished and combines a contemporary, intimate atmosphere with a wonderful array of prepared recipes - all of which are created on the premises using high quality, locally-sourced produce. Dishes created from the flavours and spices of the subcontinent. Indian food lovers are sure to be delighted. The chefs' recipes are a fusion of the old and the new that weaves the richness of a two-thousand year old tradition into the kitchen and eating habits of today. The word 'Curry' comes from a Southern Indian word Khari meaning 'sauce' The curries here are based on a subtle combination with vegetables, fish or meat, from the yoghurt based Kormas to the fiery Vindaloos and every nuance of flavour in between. To eat these curries on their own would be enjoyable, but to have the flavours tempered with rice and bread, and contrasted with salad, chutney and vegetables is more satisfying.

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Mango House Restaurant - Cardiff,
Grand Hotel, Westgate Street,
United Kingdom