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London, 202 Archway Road

Massawa Restaurant


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Highgate in London boasts Massawa Restaurant among its culinary highlights. The venue specialises in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine and combines the traditional dishes of each country to present an original and authentic menu. Each dish is spiced to perfection, with exotic meals catering for mild to hot spice preferences and everything in between. Fresh organic meats are sourced from local farmers to offer visitors prime produce rich in flavour. Middle Eastern and Italian influences creep into Eritrea cuisine so expect a charming menu filled with enticing taste experiences that many diners may not have tried before. Stews are a popular dish of both countries, served with a flatbread called injera. Massawa Restaurant showcases far more than stews however. The starters introduce diners to delightful dishes featuring fresh salads such as ye-abesha using the venue's own signature herbs and spices. When it comes to the main course, there is a plethora of tasty options. Try the special kifto, hailed as the ultimate Ethiopian steak tartare, or the Ethiopian beef jerky, spicy lamb stew, or scalloped chicken breast marinated in a cocktail of sumptuous flavours. Team main course dishes with delicious sides and sauces such as split hot lentil sauce, slow-cooked creamy split peas, or cabbage cooked with carrots and potatoes. The menu faithfully represents the two countries? gastronomy and introduces diners to authentic flavour combinations. Massawa Restaurant in Highgate is an informal and casual eatery with an unpretentious approach. The simple, understated decor provides a relaxed vibe and chilled out ambience. The owners allow the food to do the talking rather than distracting customers with fancy wall art or high-end interior styling. The venue is named after the port famed for importing goods to Eritrea's market. Indeed, everything about this restaurant communicates pride in a homeland far away. Discover authentic dishes courtesy of Massawa Restaurant in London's Highgate and learn a little about Ethiopian and Eritrean culinary culture.

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Massawa Restaurant,
202 Archway Road,
United Kingdom