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London, 39 Hereford Road, Bayswater

Moroccan Sahara


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MOROCCAN SAHARA is a family run restaurant serving classical Moroccan cuisine with 30 years of experience. Their main objective is maximum satisfaction for all their customers. They do not cut corners; they select the best ingredients to do justice to a cuisine that they dearly love. Moroccan cuisine is aromatic it needs care and skill to bring out the flavours and taste. Couscous is the national dish so are Tagines. Tagine is a clay pot unique to morocco used for stewing meat, fish, chicken, vegetable etc. its slow cooking maximise flavours and retains nutrition. Eat Moroccan, eat healthy, go in and travel to culinary Morocco at MOROCCAN SAHARA.

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Moroccan Sahara,
39 Hereford Road, Bayswater,
United Kingdom