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London, 90 Brick Lane, Aldgate East

Suit? London

Chinese Asian Japanese Sushi

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Situated on the historic and trendy Brick Lane in London, Suit? serves up a myriad mouth-watering sushi dishes as well as many alternative options of Japanese cuisine. Comprised of two levels, Suito caters to all manners of events, from elaborate art exhibitions to sublime dinners. Settle into the tastes of Nippon with one of the many delicious appetisers, including the moreish salt and pepper squid or the tasty duck gyoza, or for veggie orientated palates there's the rich miso soup and the tantalising veggie tempura; both options good enough for consideration, even to the most carnivorous diners. The resplendent stars of the menu are, of course, the many sushi dishes available. They come in many different forms, such as cooked uramaki, crunchy rolls and sashimi. Newcomers should not be put off by the concept, as many options are available for those who feel the need for something crunchy or hot. Examples of these delicacies include the exquisite crispy duck uramaki, the delectable crispy salmon roll and the divine king prawn tempura futomaki. More seasoned diners will marvel at the diverse options, with notable choices like the superb seabass hosomaki, the exotic dragon roll and the fantastic eel and cucumber temaki. For groups eager to sample a wide array of sushi, the sushi boxes are ideal. The salmon tuna set features a staggering 16 pieces, including tuna sashimi and salmon nigiri, while the deluxe veggie box contains 16 of the finest herbivorous delights like the cucumber and the avocado hosomaki. For less adventurous diners who want to taste some of the best of Japanese cuisine, yet want it cooked well, there are several main courses available like the sweet teriyaki donburi, best chosen with beef and mixed with vegetables and rice, as well as the mix veg yakisoba noodles, available with meat or seafood like chicken or prawns.

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Suit? London,
90 Brick Lane, Aldgate East,
United Kingdom