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The Spirit of tastecard

History of tastecard

tastecard was founded in 2005 and began providing memberships to the general public in March 2006. Today there are over 2,350,000 tastecard members dining for 1/2 price at thousands of restaurants nationwide.

How tastecard supports our customers

Our aim is to make eating out more affordable, encouraging people to eat out more often and to enjoy new dining experiences. This has worked with great effect over the last 15 years, with our members enjoying fabulous value and choice while spending in excess of £600m in our partner restaurants.

How tastecard supports our restaurants

It is important that the tastecard scheme works for everyone involved; both tastecard members and the participating restaurants. As such we ask our members to book in advance mentioning their tastecard and presenting it upon arrival, by doing so the restaurant is able to calculate discounts correctly. We also encourage members to drink 'paid for drinks' and not just tap water; this encouragement reflects the idea that the scheme works for everyone; our members and our restaurants alike. If eating out becomes more affordable then people will do so more often - increasing footfall for the restaurants and therefore profit - and if the restaurants sell drinks to our members as well as the discounted food, everyone wins!

We have an unwritten 'code of conduct' with tastecard whereby everyone has to respect the club and indeed, our participating restaurants. In turn the restaurants should reciprocate that respect to our members.

Your feedback is important to us

We always welcome feedback on the scheme, and of course restaurant recommendations. Please use the contact us section of our website to feedback.

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy your tastecard experience, discover many new restaurants and of course save lots of money!

The taste team