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Pisces Foodiescope: The Chopstick Extraordinaire.

March 5th, 2020

By Melissa McPhillips

Pisces season is well and truly upon us.

And these Japanese food buffs are better known as The Chopstick Extraordinaires. Maki, sashimi, mochi, yakisoba, bao buns – you name the traditional Japanese food, and they’ll have tried it.

Read more about the Pisces’ foodie habits below as well as the full Pisces Foodiescope.

Pisces foodie traits.

Date of birth: February 19th – March 20th

Foodie element: Seafood.

Ruling foods: Anything Japanese.

Best to eat out with: Aquarians. They live the sushi life too.

Worst table manner: Talking with their mouthful. Keep it zipped, Pisceans.

Most controversial food opinion: “Eggs are disgusting. Especially the yolk.”

Usually heard saying: “Wasabi isn’t even spicy.”

Personality when hungry: Silent. Pisceans are fuelled by food.

Pisces Foodiescope.

Pisceans, stick to what you love this season and set your sights on truly mastering the craft of chopstickery. Crack the craft the only way you know how: with sushi.

Change isn’t always needed, so give the classics that made you fall in love with sushi like maki, uramaki and sashimi the attention they deserve. But don’t be afraid to broaden those horizons, as there are plenty more Japanese dishes you can turn your chopstick-proficient hands to. Ease yourself in with gyozas and eventually build up to ramens and tacos. And don’t forget the soy sauce.

Most Compatible Restaurant.

Deliverers of traditional Japanese food and a wealth of sushi dishes, YO! complements the loveable, sushi-craving nature of Pisceans. Find your nearest YO! restaurant.

What Pisceans should try from YO!

A classic for a Piscean; the rich, fresh, bright pink Beetroot Cured Salmon Sashimi served with wakame seaweed and lemon tastes as good as it looks. And the Glazed Aubergine Nigiri topped with teriyaki has a tangy kick, ideal for vegan Chopstick Extraordinaires.

The Vegetable, Chicken or Prawn Gyozas from YO! are equally as effortless to navigate with chopsticks. And for those ready to graduate to Expert, challenge yourself with the Spicy Seafood Ramen and Inari Tacos filled with tofu, rice, avocado, ponzu salad and sriracha mayo.


Pisceans aren’t the only ones who love a bit of sushi.

Want to visit a YO! restaurant?

With 59 restaurants available on tastecard, offering 2 for 1 plates, 5 days a week, practice your chopstick skills with YO! discount from tastecard.