Coffee Club FAQs.

Still wondering what Coffee Club's all about? Then you're in the right place because we're here to answer all those questions you might have.

What can I get Coffee Club discounts on?

To put it as simple as possible, Coffee Club gives you 25% off barista-made drinks. Barista-made drinks means any hot or cold drink made by hand, such as any coffees, teas, hot chocolates, iced coffees, and some smoothies. 

Things like extra shots, syrups, dietary milks and speciality drinks may be excluded at some venues. We recommend checking with your server before you order to make sure it's included in the 25% deal.

How does Coffee Club work?

If you’re used to using the tastecard app when dining out, then you’ll be happy to know you use it the same way for Coffee Club. Here’s an easy step-by-step for you to follow:

Download or open the tastecard app.

Click on the Coffee Club tile.

Search for a coffee shop by name or location.

Click on your chosen coffee shop and tap ‘USE CARD’.

Show your digital card to your server when you're paying to claim your discount.

That's it!

Do I need to have a separate Coffee Club membership?

Coffee Club is completely free to use until for all paying tastecard members with either monthly or annual memberships.

If your tastecard membership comes as a part of an employee benefit, then you won’t have access to Coffee Club. Get in touch with your benefits provider for any further enquiries.  

Where can I use Coffee Club?

Sip and save at big name chains like Caffè Nero and Black Sheep Coffee, plus loads of independent coffee shops and cafés.

Head to the Coffee Club section on the tastecard app and have a browse at what’s available near you.

Are there any limits on how often I can use Coffee Club?

You can use your Coffee Club membership 7 days a week, all year long. 

At Caffè Nero, you’re limited to two barista-made drinks per day. But at any other coffee shop, you can order as many drinks as you’d like and enjoy unlimited usage. 

How much can I save with Coffee Club?

Coffee Club’s savings are limitless. On average, if you drink two coffees per day, twice a week, for a whole year, you’ll save yourself £350! If you’re a daily coffee drinker, then this number’s guaranteed to rise. To put it simply, the more you sip, the more you save.

Are there any exculsions to the Coffee Club offer?

Each coffee shop or café will have its own exclusions – syrups, extra shots, dietary milks, speciality drinks etc. We recommend checking the with your server before you make your order to make sure what you want to order is included.  

What's the catch?

There’s no catch with Coffee Club! Just like our 2 for 1 meals offer, our aim is to help you save money on the things you love and give you delicious discounts you can’t get anywhere else. 

To get started, open the tastecard app and select Coffee Club to search for places near you. Happy savings!