Amera Rani Indian Restaurant

Indian Asian

London, 248 Brighton Road South Croydon

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Please Note: The restaurant is only open during the evenings. Amera Rani request that all tastecard diners adhere to 'the spirit of tastecard' when dining at this restaurant. Prepare for an authentic tantalising experience for the taste buds whilst you savour the exquisite spices. Surprise your senses and tempt yourselves to sample the cuisine from their native Hindustan and experience what Maharajas and Maharanis from the Mughal dynasty lavished many centuries ago. The charily selected menu offers a full variety of dishes spanning the cuisine of more than twenty eight Indian states, with each region offering its own unique style and flavour. India has a rich culture, an enchanting history, fine cuisine, tradition and of course, Indian cinema. At Amera Rani, they take you back to pre-colonial India, where their roots cemented and blended with British Raj paving the way for modern day cuisine we know today. Allow their chef, who has prepared dishes in one of London's top restaurant featured in the Michelin Guide, to take you on a journey through their Desh (Home). Sample a touch of the past, indulge your senses in the present and prepare for a future journey back to Amera Rani, as you are given the real taste of India.

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Amera Rani Indian Restaurant,
248 Brighton Road South Croydon,
CR2 6AH,
United Kingdom