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London, 10 Fauconberg Road, Chiswick

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Please Note: The restaurant is only opening during the evenings. Here at Peppers their award winning chefs bring you a new style of Indian dining with only the freshest spices and ingredients. The fully licensed and Air Conditioned restaurant offers a fantastic selection of food ranging from traditional Indian dishes, to Gourmet specialities. Their Gourmet Choice represents the style of cooking known as "Dumpukht" originated in the food courts of the Moghul Emperors and represents the pinnacle of Indian dining. The preparation of Dumpukht is so special that is only the finest of Indian chefs are able to master this art form. The emphasis is on quality, freshness and clarity of taste and aromas. Peppers is a must visit restaurant for lovers of Indian dining.

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10 Fauconberg Road, Chiswick,
W4 3JY,
United Kingdom