Spicy Kalkata Club


Gloucester, Unit B, Greyhound Gardens

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Anyone hankering for a curry in Longlevens need look no further than Spicy Kalkata Club, which happens to be one of the best Gloucester restaurants for lovers of Indian food. All who enter the venue will find themselves in a stylish and sophisticated dining room where the friendly service staff do all they can to provide the utmost comfort, making it the ideal setting for spending quality time with friends and family. There is a tantalising array of flavours on show at Spicy Kalkata Club that are dedicated to a variety of areas of the Indian subcontinent. Dining out in Gloucester is certainly made that bit more special by the eatery, who make everything using only the finest and freshest of ingredients. Each plate is made by an experienced group of chefs dedicated to exciting the taste buds of their guests.

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Spicy Kalkata Club,
Unit B, Greyhound Gardens,
GL2 0XH,
United Kingdom