Swapna Indian Restaurant

Indian Asian

Naas, 1 Abbey Street

2 for 1

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Swapna Indian Restaurant, Ireland, offers a great night out with excellent food, commendable customer service and live entertainment in a modern contemporary setting. The menu consists of a selection of tantalising dishes that will leave you inspired. The chefs at Swapna exert every effort to ensure all dishes are prepared to a high standard. As with all chefs, the master chef of Swapna has spent hours and conjured very exotic dishes. Among these are Roshney; chicken or lamb tikka cooked with garlic, green chilli, tomatoes and green pepper and Rajeswari; chicken tikka cooked with fresh herbs, tomatoes, garlic, chutnies and green chillies. Complete with a satiable beverage menu, the Aroma offers a great night out to cherish!

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Swapna Indian Restaurant,
1 Abbey Street,
W91 HW9K,