ASK Italian's new menu: a lasagne-lovers dream.


Dylan Mitchell

Attention, lasagne enthusiasts! If you love all things layered, ASK Italian's new menu will definitely have you drooling. Prepare your taste buds for a lasagne feast that serves not one, not two, but THREE delicious courses of lasagne.

Did Garfield put this menu together? Quite possibly. All we know is that it's seriously delicious. Read on to see what we ate...

ASK Italian Lasagne dishes

First Course: Lasagne Fritti.

Kicking off our three-course lasagne journey is the crunchy Lasagne Fritti – bite-sized nibbles of lasagne encased in crispy breadcrumbs, paired with a spicy tomato dip that has just the right amount of zing. It's the perfect start to your meal.

ASK Italian Spicy Pollo Lasagne

Second Course: Spicy Polo Lasagne.

For the main act, we were treated to the Spicy Polo Lasagne – a truly tasty creation featuring succulent chicken breast doused in a fiery arrabbiata sauce, layered between layers of fresh egg pasta and velvety béchamel sauce. The spicy chicken adds a nice twist to the classic dish.

ASK Italian Lasagne Dessert

Sweet Finale: Chocolate Brownie Lasagne.

Just when you think the lasagne journey is complete, ASK Italian comes out kicking with a sweet, layered treat – the Chocolate Brownie Lasagne. Layers of fudgy chocolate brownie and creamy mascarpone crowned with a luscious chocolate drizzle – it's a dessert dream come true.

Not a lasagne fan?

Don't worry! ASK Italian's new menu doesn't stop at lasagne; they've also introduced a host of new dishes for your tasting pleasure.

ASK Italian Gnocchi Arabiata.

Gnocchi Arabiata.

Soft gnocchi paired with roasted red peppers in a spicy tomato sauce, delivering a burst of flavour in every bite. Who could resist? Not us.

ASK Italian King Prawn and 'Nduja Risotto

King Prawn & 'Nduja Risotto.

Plunge into a spicy 'Nduja and tomato risotto, packed with succulent king prawns, crispy Italian smoked prosciutto, and kicking red chillies. It's a an Italian meal to remember.

ASK Italian Burrata and Pancetta Carbonara

Burrata & Pancetta Carbonara.

Here's one for the carbonara fans: tuck into velvety tagliatelle smothered in a creamy mascarpone and cheese sauce, perfectly complemented by pancetta, slow-roasted tomatoes, and smooth burrata. Dreamy, creamy, goodness.

Fancy something on the side?

No meal is complete without a few picky bits on the side.

ASK Italian 'Nduja and Cheese Dough Bites

'Nduja & Cheese Dough Bites.

These all-new fiery dough bites are baked with Calabrian 'Nduja sausage, garlic, and mozzarella, served with 'Nduja ketchup for an extra kick. It’ the perfect side dish for mopping up any leftover pasta sauce.

Ready to try ASK Italians new menu?

All sounds delicious, doesn’t it? And now for the best part: with your trusty tastecard, this lasagne-packed menu becomes even more delightful. Enjoy 2 for 1 across starters, mains, and desserts from Sunday to Thursday! It's a fantastic opportunity to double up your dishes without doubling your bill.

So, gather your fellow foodies, and let ASK Italian transport you to a lasagne paradise that even Garfield would envy.

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