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Best foodie cities in the UK.


Dylan Mitchell

London Covent Garden Restaurants

If you’re a foodie then you’ve likely experienced a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines in your local area. Whatever city or town you’re from, there are likely plenty of different types of restaurants to choose from. But, what about the rest of the UK? At tastecard, we provide discounts to restaurants all over the UK, from the top of Scotland to the bottom of England, across Wales and over to the Republic of Ireland. To discover the best foodie cities in the UK, continue reading our awesome guide.

How to be one of the best foodie cities.

The UK is blessed with a plethora of fabulous cities and towns that have tonnes of attractions to explore and a range of different cultures and cuisines. This mixture of cultures in everyday life has brought so many different flavours and tastes to major cities like Manchester, London, Glasgow, Dublin and Cardiff.

As a foodie, you’ll no doubt have sampled a wide range of tastes and cuisines, but there’s always room for more. How can a city be classed as a ‘foodie city’, though? Well, it requires a wide range of different cuisines and cultures available throughout the city. Fortunately, all of the major cities in the UK can offer something like this. London, for example, is the first city that springs to mind with incredible diversity. Further up north, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester can also claim to have a diversified foodie scene. How about we delve deeper into each area?

  • London

  • Edinburgh

  • Dublin

Galpao London, Brazilian food


It’s safe to say that London is a foodie’s heaven. Whether you’re in the centre of the city or further afield, there’s just so much choice when it comes to food. In quieter areas of London, you’ll still find a delightful restaurant on a street corner. Galpao is a favourite at tastecard, with sizzling meats all over their menu. This Brazilian bar and kitchen serves drinks and freshly prepared food with a lively atmosphere, making it the perfect spot on a Friday night. Plus, with tastecard’s membership, you can get a 2 for 1 saving on your food bill.

If you’re a foodie, then you’ll love Middle Eastern cuisine. The Best Broasted, in NW10, is a down-to-earth restaurant that offers wraps, burgers and shawarma, all packed with the incredible flavours of Lebanon. Just like Galpao, you can get a 2 for 1 discount by using your tastecard membership.

Any foodie truly appreciates fine dining and at Westeleven in Kensington you get just that. This stunning spot is a must-visit for London foodies. Situated in the glamorous Hilton Kensington, this restaurant features a wonderful chef who often greets diners at their table. Westeleven makes refreshingly simple food but presents it expertly with a dashing of professional magic. Save 25% on your entire bill by using your tastecard membership, too.


The Blackbird Korean BBQ Burger Edinburgh.


We go from one capital city to another, with a trip up to Edinburgh in Scotland. If you’ve never been to Edinburgh, what are you waiting for? The curved, steep cobblestone streets are a throwback to a time long before us all, while the Royal Mile is a delight. Packed with shops to explore all day and restaurants to sample until you burst, the Scottish capital is a paradise for a foodie.

If you’re the foodie you claim to be, then Riverlife will pique your interest. This French-Caribbean restaurant not only offers tastecard users 2 for 1 savings but provides a different kind of eating experience. Their menu is packed full of French and Caribbean-themed dishes and specifically flavours from the island of Guadalupe.

The Blackbird is another must-see spot to enjoy some food. If you’re visiting Edinburgh then sample some of the best Scottish food you can here. As well as classic Scottish dishes, diners can enjoy a variety of vegetable, meat and fish dishes that take inspiration from all over the world in this gastropub-style restaurant.

There are so many more spots for foodies to sample in Edinburgh that you can simply wander around the city and find another restaurant on the tastecard app.

Brick Alley Cafe Dublin


Our third big foodie city you have to visit is Dublin. If you already live in Dublin but haven’t sampled its full range of cuisines then you’re missing out! The first restaurant we highly recommend is Kundan Tandoori. Each dish is made with passion and fuses spices, herbs, vegetables and meat to deliver a truly stunning evening of flavour. With a welcoming atmosphere, it’s everything a foodie could ask for.

Plus, book ahead and let them know you’re a tastecard member for a 50% discount on your food – amazing.

If you’re in the mood for some authentic British food, check out the Brick Alley Cafe. Being a foodie isn’t always about finding the most extravagant places to eat. A smaller independent spot is often the best place for a fantastic, hearty meal. This quaint and cosy cafe serves a variety of delicious dishes, all of which are created in-house from the finest produce available – ideal for a true foodie. As a bonus, tastecard members can benefit from 50% off their food here too.

Gifting tastecard gift for foodies.

If you’re not a foodie yourself but you know someone who is, why not give them a gift of food? You can buy a tastecard membership for somebody you love as a gift. Choose from three, six and 12 month-memberships to treat a foodie in your life!

Or, if you fancy becoming a foodie after reading this guide, you can subscribe to tastecard with ease. What are you waiting for? Save money on food, coffee, cinema tickets and attractions with us.

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