What is the best hangover food?


Dylan Mitchell

Feeling rough after a night out? Swearing you’ll never touch vodka again? Sounds like you need some good grub to get you back to your old self ASAP. Here at tastecard, we’ve got just the thing for you: good recommendations for food places with huge discounts. So if you’re sitting staring at the screen filled with regret and wooziness thinking ‘What food is good for a hangover’, fill yourself up with some good food instead and soak up all of last night’s mistakes.

What is the best hangover food?

Everyone knows that some mouth-watering food is the best solution for a hangover, so we’ve got recommendations for hangovers of every level. Some of the tastiest choices we recommend do require wobbling over to a local eatery to plate up on some alcohol-alleviating dishes. However, we also have some food choices that can be delivered to your home so you barely have to lift a finger. Take a look below to find out what food is good for a hangover that best suits your palette below:

  • Double Whopper - Burger King
  • Pepperoni pizza - Pizza Delivery
  • Coffee and a toastie - Coffee Club
  • Granola and yoghurt - Carluccio's - Manchester Piccadilly
Burger King Double Whopper

Double Whopper - Burger King.

When you’ve overdone it on a night out in town, sometimes you need all the help you can get from your food to get you back on your feet. Leave the diet till next week, there are more important things at play. When you need something hearty to restore you to yourself, Burger King is the place to visit.

Let the carbs soak up all of your alcoholic troubles and tuck into the burger that has made Burger King the undisputed rightful ruler of the culinary world, with some extra sustenance for good measure. The Double Whopper takes everything that makes Burger King’s signature burger so good with another beef patty to help you nurse your hangover.

With 25% off on Burger King outlets nationwide from Sunday to Thursday, your hangover cure is just around the corner.

Pizza Hut Delivery

Pepperoni pizza - Pizza Delivery.

Continuing with the idea that something hearty can sometimes be the best way to get rid of a hangover, a pepperoni pizza makes for a great cure. When you’re hungover, it can feel best to keep things simple, classic and not too complex. This is why we recommend the humble, ever-popular pepperoni pizza to see you through.

The fantastic thing about this idea is that it doesn’t even need you to leave the house at all! Stay cosy in your dressing gown, keep your cold glass of water by your side and simply wait for your piping-hot pizza to arrive at your door. With plenty of well-known pizza perfectionists to choose from as part of our deals including Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, we’ll leave it to you to choose your favourite. You can’t go wrong!

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Coffee and a toastie - Coffee Club.

If you’re feeling drowsy and not too dissimilar from a giant sloth after your night of overdrinking, a good coffee may just be the thing you need to perk you up. Just as effective as making you alert after clocking in on a Monday as it is reviving you after partying a little too hard, a caffeine boost from a fresh cup of coffee is just the thing to get you back up and running again.

What will sort you out is visiting somewhere where the experts truly know how to make a good coffee. So head on over to your nearest coffee shop, pick your favourite coffee and a hot toastie of your choosing and restore yourself to normal. Whether it’s early morning or late afternoon by the time you’re over there, we won’t judge!

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Carluccio's Granola and Yoghurt

Granola and yoghurt - Carluccio's.

Last but not least on our list to fully answer the question ‘what food is good for a hangover?’, we have the healthier choice of granola and yoghurt from Carluccio’s at Manchester Piccadilly. This Italian café-deli knows how to breakfast best, proving once again that Italians have food down to a fine art.

Everyone’s approach to tackling a hangover is different, but choosing their granola and yoghurt, filled with blueberries, raspberries, almonds and all the good stuff,  is a great way to feel refreshed and nourished. If some of our previous choices are a little too heavy and you simply have to end last night’s naughtiness there, this is a great choice. If you do change your mind, however, there are as many light and nourishing options here as there are indulgent treats. If your will isn’t made of iron, we wouldn’t blame you for trying out their pancakes and pancetta. 

Get 25% off the bill from Sunday to Thursday at Carluccio’s with tastecard. Find them at Manchester, Unit 21, First Floor, Piccadilly Station.

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