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Caffè Nero's new festive drinks are here.


Dylan Mitchell

Caffe Nero Festive Drinks 2023

The people over at Caffè Nero know how to pull it out of the bag time and time again when the festive season comes around. If you're a fan of their brilliant beverages or have even yet to visit, everyone will be able to get on board with these new and exciting drinks. If you're eager to know what the new Caffè Nero Christmas Drinks are for 2023, take a look at our guide below.

The best seasonal coffee drinks at Caffè Nero.

If you're strolling through the city and follow your nose to the unmistakable smell of quality, freshly brewed coffee, you can easily find Caffè Nero. If you haven't had the chance to try them out already, Caffè Nero stands out from the crowd in the coffee shop world as masters at their craft with quality bean sourcing, distinctive flavours and perfected brewing techniques. In our opinion, their aficionado-appeasing and inviting interior makes it the ideal place to take refuge from the winter weather.

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So, without further ado, take a look below at the brand new Caffè Nero festive drinks!

  • Millionaire Hot Chocolate

  • Panettone Latte

  • Florentine Mocha

Caffe Nero Millionnaires Hot Choc 2023

Millionaire's Hot Chocolate.

Inspired by Nero's delicious Caramel Shortbread, the Millionaire Hot Chocolate is the choice to make if you love to try out indulgent and luxurious flavours during the festive period. The coffee shop's classic rich, smooth hot chocolate blend is combined with salted caramel syrup for a sweet yet salty flavour. This liquid dream is finished off with indulgent chocolate whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce to complete the experience. With our Caffè Nero discounts at tastecard, this drink is available with all the taste but no "millionaire" price tag.


Caffe Nero Panettone Latte 2023

Panettone Latte.

For fans of the festive Milan fruitcake, Caffè Nero has worked wonders in brewing up this idea for a warm (or cold) and inviting festive drink... and it's vegan! Alpro Oat Milk provides this latte's buttery, bready taste, with Nero's all-new Panettone Syrup providing sweet, fruity flavours with a hint of citrusy vest. Topped with a creamy plant-based topping and a dash of cinnamon, be sure to order this choice for the taste of a traditional Italian Christmas, done right.

Caffe Nero Florentine Mocha 2023

Florentine Mocha.

As one of the classiest desserts when it comes to Christmas cuisine, the new Florentine Mocha is not to be missed for those with a refined palette. The drink is inspired by the classic Italian biscuit, known for its nutty, chocolatey, zesty, sweet taste. Using the mocha as a base, Nero has added salted caramel and their new panettone syrup, which pairs even better with their Winter Blend roast. Safe to say, those with a sweet tooth will love this drink! 

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We’re just as excited as you to try out all of these classic Christmas drinks so be sure to catch them while they last! You can start sipping these drinks from the 2nd of November but don’t miss out! They’ll just as quickly be gone by when the festive season is over..

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