How to order tapas.


Dylan Mitchell

Tapas is a fun and vibrant choice of meal for people to enjoy together. Whether you’re heading out as a friend group or on a romantic date, some Spanish tapas is always a great choice. Why? Because there is just so much to choose from with a wide range of flavours to sample and things to enjoy. Occasionally, tapas can confuse people, though, like what tapas to order and how many tapas per person is ideal? To find out the answers – and more – check out the rest of this foodie tapas guide from tastecard.

Barca Tapas Glasgow

What is tapas?

The word “tapas” comes from the Spanish verb “tapar”, which means “to cover”, which lends to its origin. A popular theory for tapas’ origin is that small slices or bread or meat were used to cover people’s glasses of wine to keep flies and dust out. As time passed, this evolved into serving small servings of bread alongside drinks.

Tapas is a variety of appetisers and snacks in Spanish cuisine, and are designed to be shared among friends during a social gathering. They range from simple, small items like olives or almonds to much more complex dishes like ham, seafood and other meats. They’re often served on small plates so you tend to have several dishes to pick from at once.

As tapas is a social food, your group will often choose from a range of dishes, meats and flavours to all pick from and share between.

Tapas Revolution Patatas Bravas

What tapas to order?

If this all sounds very interesting and you want to use your tastecard dining out discount, but you’re not sure what tapas to order, we’re here to help!

Here are five of the most popular tapas dishes we believe you should order:

  1. Patatas Bravas - Crispy, fried potato chunks served with a spicy tomato-based sauce and garlic aioli.
  2. Gambas al Ajillo - Shrimp cooked in olive oil with garlic, red pepper flakes, and white wine.
  3. Jamón Ibérico - Thin slices of cured Spanish ham served with crusty bread.
  4. Croquetas - Croquetas are creamy, deep-fried croquettes filled with various ingredients. They could include ham, chicken or seafood.
  5. Tortilla Española - Spanish omelette is made from eggs, potatoes, and onions. Typically served in slices and can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature.


How many tapas per person?

Now you’ve found out some of the most interesting dishes and you’ve whet your appetite, we bet you’re wondering how many tapas per persons is a standard order? Well, fortunately we’re experts in tapas at tastecard! Did you know that you can get 2 for 1 or 25% off your food bill at tapas restaurants all over the UK when you sign up with us?

When ordering tapas, the number of dishes per person varies depending on personal preference, the size of the tapas and whether it’s being ordered as a snack or full meal. Maybe you’re taking advantage of cinema ticket discounts via tastecard and need to quick bite before your film? Or, is it a full meal with friends for your monthly catch-up? These two instances will determine how big the order is. In Spain, it’s common for people to order a number of different dishes and share between the group. In general, two to four tapas dishes per person is a standard order for a meal. This may be slightly fewer if you’re stopping off for a snack.

Tapas do come in different sizes so it’s a good idea to check with your server and potentially ask for recommendations. This way, you can ensure the right sized portion!

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