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The latest food trends for the new year.


Dylan Mitchell

Food trends are in and out almost as much as trends in the fashion world. What’s hot and what’s not with contemporary culinary choices is ever-changing, so it can sometimes be hard to keep on top of which dishes and ingredients are trending. If you’re out of the loop and are curious as to what food and cuisines we think will get even more traction in the new year, take a peek below to find out all about the latest food trends. 

New Year food trends.

The latest food trends can appear out of thin air and disappear just as quickly, so it isn’t always easy to know for sure which ones are going to stay for the duration. Being experts in all things food (if we do say so ourselves), we can’t make any guarantees. However, these are our top choices for the latest food trends that we think are going to continue to take off into the new year:

  • Plant-based power
  • Coffee switch-ups
  • Choosing Korean cuisine
  • Swicy takeover
Loves Weston

Plant-based power.

Vegetarianism and veganism have risen astronomically in recent years, and it doesn’t look like this trend is slowing down any time soon. Milk alternatives can be found across supermarket shelves and coffee shops nationwide, meat-free Mondays are increasingly more common in households, and plant-based restaurants are cropping up by the minute.

Though vegan restaurants may instinctively appeal to people avoiding meat in their diets, this is no reason for people who aren’t to give them a miss. Some of the most delicious dishes you can try right now are served at vegan restaurants, so be sure to check out the likes of Five Buns, The World’s End Restaurant and Loves Weston to taste some trend-setting nibbles.

Coffee switch-ups.

The people of today are simply obsessed with coffee. Whether it’s taking it for a well-needed caffeine boost in the early morning or enjoying a decaf cup to help them unwind, the love for coffee is one food and beverage trend that continues to be as popular as ever throughout the decades.

With this evolving trend, it’s not so much the coffee that’s ever-changing but instead what goes into it. In the future, keep an eye out for lattes with weird and unusual food toppings, protein coffee and the continuing popularity of CBD infusions.

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Choosing Korean cuisine.

A common trend that always seems to be on the rise is the public wanting to venture out and try something new from cuisines across the world. We all love our home comforts, but switching it up and trying out dishes from far and wide that you’ve never encountered before can be incredibly refreshing.

Many diverse cuisines are gaining popularity in the UK year after year, but it appears that Korean cuisine is one of the latest food trends to keep an eye on. So, expect plenty more bibimbap, kimchi and even Korean corn dogs to be coming your way! If you’re eager to get in on the trend, be sure to check out your nearest Giraffe to experience their mouth-watering Korean BBQ chicken.

Swicy takeover.

You might have done a double take at the above phrase and found yourself asking ‘what exactly is “swicy”?’. The word itself and the concept involve taking the best spicy foods out there and combining them with sweet ingredients for a weirdly irresistible sweet and spicy fusion. Some examples of this that have gotten fairly popular in recent times include chilli-infused chocolate cake, a jalapeño margarita and chilli honey.

If that last combination has piqued your interest, you’re in for a treat. Pizza Hut has rolled out their double pepperoni and spicy honey pizza, so grab a slice while it’s still hot (and sweet!).

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