Our October cinema review 2023.

Marie Duelund


Marie Duelund

The magic of the silver screen has us bewitched, especially during this Halloween season.

Join me as I guide you through a hair-raising mix of film experiences. Explore the chilling enigma of Saw X, venture into the mysterious world of A Haunting in Venice dive deep into the poetic clash of humans and robots in The Creator, and don't miss the action-packed finale with The Equalizer 3.

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Saw X film poster

Saw X.

Saw X is a surprising return from the (now almost) 20-year-old franchise that still hasn’t lost its edge or strange charm. And it's no surprise seeing numerous returning faces like Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, and many people who have been cast in the previous films.

The film takes place between Saw movies 1 & 2, so it’s a nice fit for newcomers, but even better for those who have followed the story from the start. It follows John Kramer (Jigsaw) primarily as we see him trying to find a cure for his brain cancer. But after twists and turns, you suddenly start to feel strangely emotional for a man who’s killed so many and will go on to kill more. It even asks the question - “Are you just as bad as Kramer for wanting to see these people hurt?”

It goes without saying the story hasn’t lost its touch when it comes to gore and disturbing imagery. With new traps that push the levels of gore to the limits, making you regret having a big meal before seeing the film. But seeing as this is one of the main selling points for the franchise, as a whole, I enjoyed how far they went at times. The team behind it all really went all out on the trap designs and how it all feels like some of the original movies.

Saw X is a gross and gory film but also a strangely emotional one. With topics such as drug abuse and making the right decisions, it also covers larger topics of handling the great burden of life-threatening illnesses. We just hope you don’t decide to stick someone in a reverse bear trap if this has happened to you!

Obviously not a film for the whole family. But if you enjoy the series or just want to watch some people fight for their lives in a Saw trap, I’d recommend this movie. Just make sure you’ve got the stomach for it!

A Haunting in Venice film poster

A Haunting in Venice.

A Haunting in Venice is definitely worth a watch to get yourself into the pumpkin-spiced spooky season!

As a lover of the new Poirot series already (having seen “Murder on the Orient Express” (2017) and “Death On The Nile” (2022) previously), I was excited to see a horror-influenced classic detective story. With a high bar already set by Kenneth Branagh’s direction on the previous instalments, I was sceptical of how the newest adventure would add to the grandeur of this revival.

Set in 1947 Venice, Hercule Poirot; played by Branagh himself, has his retirement interrupted by the invitation to a séance, where a grieving mother; played by Kelly Reilly, wants to contact her deceased daughter. From here, a storm entrapping the household and the murder of the supposed psychic medium; played by Michelle Yeoh, creates the perfect combination for the start of the murder mystery.

I found it overall enjoyable, and with the help of its star-studded line-up and gothic setting, it continues the moreish story. Although the killer can be distinguished before the grand reveal (if you watch for the clues), I still loved the spooks and scares set out from the get-go. The dark corners and deviously motivated cast add to the tension and increase the overall experience of something new based upon something classic.

It’s great to see a new lease of life given to the already-established Agatha Christie stories!

The Creator Film Poster

The Creator.

With so much focus on all aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent months, and perhaps with a somewhat overall negative narrative in the press, I was interested to see how AI would be depicted in the sci-fi film The Creator. The screenplay is written, and the film is directed by Gareth Edwards, who also directed the Star Wars spin-off Rogue One.

The Creator offers a certain poetic approach to this battle between humans and robots. In the film, the Americans have declared war on all AI after a nuclear explosion wiped out most of Los Angeles, and they are blamed, whereas locals in “New Asia” live in harmony among these advanced robots. Our main character, Joshua (played by John David Washington) is hired by the US military as an undercover soldier to catch and destroy this advanced AI, a weapon created by the East to win the war. This super weapon takes the form of a sweet-faced little girl nicknamed Alphie, and Joshua soon bonds with her and goes on the run to save her from destruction.

I sense inspiration from many classics, including Vietnam War films like Apocalypse Now and Platoon, but also Terminator and even The Golden Child. The film is jaw-dropping in its imagery and presents the concept of robots displaying more emotions and humanity than actual human characters throughout.

Equalizer 3 film poster

The Equalizer 3.

With a Saturday afternoon to kill – and a need for somethinbg a bit less scary – I headed to my local Vue to watch the latest (and final?) instalment of Equalizer 3. Denzel Washington is formidable in any character he plays, and he is superb as retired US Marine-turned-vigilante Robert McCall. A grown-up Dakota Fanning plays CIA agent Emma Collins, and it is sweet to see the reunion between the two; they were last seen together in the fantastic Man On Fire (watch it now if you haven’t done so!).

With stunning scenes from Southern Italy as the backdrop throughout the film, it mixes the serenity of an idyllic village with the barbaric and violent attempts from the local mafia to take over the small town. Once again, McCall puts on his signature stopwatch, and as always, he’s quick, efficient, and brutal at taking down any enemy who dares to cross his path and disturb the peace.

With Denzel’s charisma, charm, and ability to light up any silver screen, I was entertained throughout and would recommend you head to your local cinema to do the same!

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