Papa Johns best pizzas.

Dylan Mitchell


Dylan Mitchell

The Papa John's Mexican Pizza

Half-price Papa Johns pizza, anyone?

As if it was ever a secret, we’re huge pizza fans here at tastecard HQ, so it goes without saying that we’re thrilled to have Papa Johns as one of our pizza delivery partners!

"Better Ingredients. Better Pizza." is their motto. Well, at tastecard, we've taken it one step further by bringing you the BEST Papa John’s Pizza Deals, so that you can enjoy their deliciously cheesy slices for amazing prices. You can feast on a Papa John’s with 50% off your pizza delivery or collection when you spend £25! We know, your mouth is already probably watering at the thought but just hear us out for a minute.

We can’t think of better company for a night on the couch than a Papa John’s pizza. So kick back, throw your feet up, put on your favourite show and tackle an extra large Papa John’s. Don’t worry though, we’ve saved you the hassle of trawling the internet to find which of Papa’s pizzas are the most delicious and have narrowed down our personal favourites to just for in order to make your decision easier.

What are the Papa Johns pizzas?

With endless options available, tastecard has got you covered with the tastiest Pizza suggestions:

  • The Mexican
  • The Greek
  • The Vegan Works
  • Cheese & Tomato
Papa John's The Mexican Pizza

Papa Johns The Mexican.

¡Ay, caramba! What a delicious pizza we have here. The Mexican is perfect for those who like to live their life on the spicier side. Its traditional mozzarella and tomato base comes topped with a kickin' hit of chilli-seasoned beef, spicy jalapeño peppers, green peppers, sliced onions and a scattering of red chilli peppers. Get the milk at the ready.

Papa Johns The Greek.

If you're after a pizza that can transport you to the Mediterranean coast or the sandy shores of the Aegean Islands with just one bite, then The Greek is the one for you. With toppings of soft feta cheese, sweet, chopped tomatoes, green peppers, and black Herrera olives, it's a seriously tasty pizza that's put together with veggies in mind.

Papa Johns The Vegan Works.

Whether you’re new to the whole vegan thing or are a proud veteran, worry not! Papa John’s has not forgotten about you! The Vegan Works comes covered with everything you could ever desire – tomato sauce, tasty mozzarella, cheddar-style Vegan Sheese®, slices of spicy Jack & Bry jackfruit "pepperoni", hotdog-style soya sausage, chestnut mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and black Herrera olives. Wow, wow, wow.

Papa Johns Cheese & Tomato.

The Margarita is the unsung hero of pizza - and ultimately has to be one of Papa Johns best pizzas. With their simple, no-fuss ingredients taking it back to basics you get high-quality ingredients and an explosion of flavour. No meat. No veg. Just a simple combo of Papa John's sweet vine-ripened tomato and herb sauce and plenty of salty, stretchy mozzarella. Pure and simple every time.

How big are Papa Johns' pizzas?

If you’re wondering ‘how big are Papa Johns' Pizzas?’, they come in a whole range of sizes, accommodating the most insatiable appetites. With four sizing options available, you need not waste a single slice!

  • Small - 9.5”, 6 slices

  • Medium - 11.5”, 8 slices

  • Large - 13.5”, 10 slices

  • XXL - 15.5”, 12 slices

If you’re looking to enjoy a solo pizza, perhaps with a few sides, the small or medium options should suit you perfectly! Papa John’s has also got large, and extra-large sizes for when you want to share the pizza love with friends, family, or maybe just yourself (no judgement here). These pizzas are so big that they can satisfy even the hungriest customers!

Which Papa Johns pizza will you try?

With endless topping possibilities, it's hard to say what the best Papa John’s pizza is… But are you ready to take on the task? Get ordering and let us know which is your favourite! Plus, it tastes so much better when it’s 50% off, undeniably one of the best Papa John’s pizza deals! If you're looking for more pizza delivery options, head to the tastecard website or download the app.

So, wanna get the best Papa Johns deal?

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