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tastecard unwrapped: What are the most popular restaurants?


Dylan Mitchell

Welcome to a gastronomic adventure with tastecard, your ultimate passport to discovering the UK’s most popular dining destinations. In a nation celebrated for its diverse culinary creations, tastecard members have the exclusive privilege of exploring an array of top-notch eateries, from the bustling streets of London to the quaint corners of Edinburgh. This year, we’ve seen a tantalising mix of restaurants rise to the top, capturing the hearts and palates of tastecard members.

Whether you are longing for the comforting embrace of familiar chain restaurants or the thrilling discovery of hidden independent gems, tastecard offers a gateway to a world where every dining experience is unique and memorable. Join us as we unwrap the most popular restaurants of the year, showcasing the places where unforgettable meals and moments are created. Wondering what are the most popular restaurants in the UK? Dive into this feast for the senses, and discover the dining hotspots that are the talk of the tastecard town.

The charm of the chains.

ASK Italian - A taste of Italy in every bite.

ASK Italian, with over 65 locations across the UK, is a celebration of Italy’s finest flavours. From the moment you step in, you are greeted with a warm welcome and a homemade lemonade, setting the stage for an authentic Italian dining experience. Their stone-baked pizzas and classic pasta dishes are crafted with a passion for bringing a slice of Italy to their guests. ASK Italian is one of the most popular chains on tastecard, and with their two-for-one deal, it is easy to see why!

Beefeater - The quintessential British steakhouse.

Beefeater is one of the UK’s most popular steakhouses, known for its combination of great steak, friendly service, and relaxed surroundings. With a 25% off deal for tastecard holders from Sunday to Thursday, it’s the perfect place for lunch with friends and family. Beefeater’s commitment to quality is evident in every dish, from succulent steaks to a range of hearty British classics.

Brewer’s Fayre - Home-style comfort food.

At Brewer's Fayre, the focus is on providing a range of freshly prepared favourites that cater to all tastes. Known for their family-friendly atmosphere, they offer everything from a hearty breakfast to special occasion meals. With a 25% off deal available from Sunday to Thursday, it is a go-to destination for tastecard members seeking quality British cuisine at a great British price. Whether you need a mid-week treat or a Sunday lunch, Brewer’s Fayre offers a welcoming environment where families and friends can gather to enjoy delicious food and a great deal.

Independent faves on tastecard.

Bari Grill - A fusion of British and Persian delights.

Bari Grill in Macclesfield is a unique culinary destination where British cuisine meets Persian flavours. This Middle Eastern grill-style restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes charcoal grill dishes, burgers, pizzas, salads, and wraps. With a 25% off deal on the total bill from Sunday to Thursday, Bari Grill is a must-visit for tastecard diners looking for tastes that a chain restaurant cannot give you. The fusion of flavours and the welcoming atmosphere make every visit to Bari Grill a memorable journey of culinary exploration.

Bardolino - Authentic Italian in a charming setting.

Bardolino, nestled in the village of Congresbury in Bristol, is a delightful Italian restaurant that exudes charm and warmth. The venue, with its pristine wooden tables, multi-coloured seating, and stylish zig-zag wooden flooring, provides the perfect backdrop for a cosy dining experience. Bardolino’s menu, crafted with the finest ingredients, offers a range of Italian classics, including burgers, pizzas, baked Tuscan sausages, and penne arrabbiata. The 25% off deal at Bardolino has helped it become a hit with tastecard members.

Base Restaurant - Casual fine dining in a picture-perfect location.

Base Restaurant in Ulverston offers a unique blend of casual and fine dining. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Ford Park at the base of Hoad Hill, this family-friendly restaurant holds one AA Rosette. The menu at Base is a celebration of British cuisine, featuring expertly prepared dishes that cater to a variety of tastes. The restaurant’s setting in a coach house adds to its charm, providing a peaceful and picturesque dining experience. With a 25% off deal excluding Fridays, Saturdays, and bank holidays, Base Restaurant is a hidden gem for those seeking a relaxed yet refined dining experience in a stunning location.

Images sourced directly from partners and/or their Instagram accounts. All restaurants available on tastecard at the time of publishing.

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