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What to do for Mother's Day.


Tom Pressman

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that calls for celebration, a day dedicated to showing your mum just how much she means to you. If you’re wondering what to do for Mother’s Day or how to treat your mum on this special occasion, then you’re in the right place for inspiration.

With tastecard, making Mother’s Day memorable is easy as well as affordable, with plenty of options to pamper your mum in ways she’ll truly appreciate. You can treat her to a delicious meal, indulge her sweet tooth, or spend quality time together, all with a little help from tastecard. Our guide is packed with ideas to ensure your mum feels loved and cherished, as she should. Let’s dive into creating a day that is as special as your mum is, and filled with moments she will treasure forever.

Dining delights: Treating Mum to a delicious meal.

Celebrating Mother’s Day often revolves around sharing a meal, a universal expression of love and gratitude. With tastecard, you have the golden opportunity to treat your mum to an exceptional dining experience for less. Here’s how you can turn a simple meal into an unforgettable treat for your mum:

ASK Italian

The warmth of Italian hospitality combines with the zest of fresh, authentic Italian cuisine at Ask Italian. With a brilliant 2 for 1 deal, your mum can savour the rich flavours of Italy, from classic pasta dishes to pizzas, all crafted with the freshest ingredients and just like mamma used to make. The restaurant’s atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to raise a glass to the woman who means the world to you.


Carluccio's is a wonderful restaurant for a special occasion. Each dish tells a story of regional traditions, from the pasta to the delectable desserts, all prepared with a passion for bringing authentic Italian dining to your table. The cosy ambience sets the stage for a memorable Mother’s Day meal and an opportunity to indulge your mum in the true taste of Italy. And with tastecard’s 25% off food and drinksl offer, there’s no need to take it easy on the wine!

Bella Italia

Bella Italia serves up a menu that is as diverse as it is delicious. From the succulent seafood dishes to the rich, comforting pasta of the countryside, there is something to satisfy every palate. The restaurant’s cheerful decor and friendly service will help to make your mum feel truly special. With tastecard, treating your mum to a meal at Bella Italia is even more special, as you can both enjoy the best of Italian cuisine while making the most of tastecard’s 2 for 1 savings.

Sweet treats: Indulging Mum with irresistible doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

For a delightfully sweet surprise this Mother’s Day, why not grab a selection of irresistible doughnuts from Krispy Kreme? Krispy Kreme’s big choice of doughnut styles and flavours, from the classic Original Glazed to the rich and decadent chocolate Kremes, can give your mum a sweet treat on her special day. They’re the perfect way to add a sprinkle of happiness to Mother’s Day celebrations and with tastecard, it is a treat for you as well as her with 25% off your total bill.

Quality time together: Planning activities for bonding and creating memories.

Spending quality time together is perhaps the most heartfelt gift you can offer your mum this Mother’s Day. It is about crafting moments that turn into memories, lasting far beyond the day itself. Consider planning activities that align with her interests, whether it is a serene walk through a local botanical garden, attending a pottery class together, or simply enjoying a movie marathon at home with her favourite films. These shared experiences not only strengthen your bond but also show your mum how well you know and appreciate her unique personality.

Thoughtful Gestures: Your Mum’s favourite film.

Take your Mum to never-before-seen places without the need to leave your city and immerse yourselves in the wonders of the big screen. Whether your Mum takes after the likes of Molly Weasley or is more the Morticia Addams type, there are constantly movies to suit everyone’s taste at your local cinema. Visit with tastecard to enjoy our discount cinema tickets and get yourself seated with plenty of popcorn for the two of you.

Memorable moments: Days out with tastecard.

This Mother’s Day, consider making the most out of tastecard’s discount days out and take your Mum for a day out that you’ll both look back on for the rest of your lives. If your Mum fancies herself quite the thrill seeker, consider spots like Alton Towers or Thorpe Park. Or if she’s more the outdoorsy type, take her to experience the Bear Grylls Adventure to see if she’s as tough as she makes out!

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Planning Your Mother’s Day Celebration. 

When planning what to do for Mother’s Day, the key is to focus on what makes your mum happy and to centre the day around her interests and preferences. With tastecard, preparing for this special day becomes easier. There are a range of options to make the day memorable without overspending. 

The essence of Mother’s Day is showing your appreciation and spending quality time together, that’s how to treat your mum on her special day. Using tastecard, you can tailor your plans to suit her tastes while making a thoughtful gesture to celebrate your mum in the best way possible. Have a Happy Mother’s Day with tastecard.