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Where to go for Sunday Lunch.


Tom Pressman

In the heart of every British weekend lies the cherished tradition of Sunday lunch, a time when families and friends gather to share not just a meal, but laughter, stories, and the comfort of each other’s company. This age-old ritual is about slowing life down to relish the warmth of togetherness, and bond over plates laden with succulent roast meats, crispy golden potatoes, and rich, velvety gravy. And don’t forget the Yorkshire puds.

Taking the stress and strain out of a family roast dinner means putting on your Sunday best, or something more comfortable, and going out for lunch. For tastecard holders, the question of where to go for Sunday lunch near me is easy to answer. Your tastecard is one of the family and can lead you to some of the best Sunday Lunches in the country, right on your doorstep. A trip to Beefeater or Brewers Fayre can transform your Sunday lunch into an occasion that celebrates family life without anyone needing to peel a spud or scrape a plate clean. Let your tastecard show you where to go for a Sunday Lunch to take it up a level, and enjoy a family meal with all the trimmings, none of the washing up and 25% off the total bill!

Finding Time For Family.

The weekend is a time for days out creating memories with family and friends. Sunday takes a leisurely pace and offers the perfect backdrop to a family gathering, especially when it involves a hearty Sunday lunch. This weekly pause is not just about food, but about being together. You and your loved ones can put aside the challenges of the week ahead and the week gone by to recharge your batteries and have fun together.

Creating Memories Together.

Gathering around a table, whether at home or a restaurant like Beefeater or Brewers Fayre, is a moment of rest and reprieve, and a chance to relax in the comfort of familiar faces and the shared enjoyment of a meal. It is always here, wherever you are, that the laughter that bubbles up over shared stories and the fabric of our connections is woven tighter. Looking to stray away from the traditional and stay at home? tastecard has that covered too with pizza delivery.

Why Choose Beefeater and Brewers Fayre?

Wondering where to go for Sunday lunch near me? Choosing where to enjoy your Sunday lunch is no small decision, especially when looking for a spot that the whole family can enjoy together. Both Beefeater and Brewers Fayre offer a menu and an environment where every family member can find something to tuck into. These best-of-British establishments have mastered the art of the Sunday roast, offering every family a feast that combines quality, variety, and the warm, inviting atmosphere that is the secret ingredient of a perfect family meal.

At Beefeater, the focus on quality ingredients and a mouth-watering selection of roasts means that everyone can create their perfect roast dinner. Here, the traditional meets the contemporary in dishes designed to please every palate, from the meat-lover to the vegetarian. Brewers Fayre prides itself on offering a homely dining experience that doesn’t compromise on variety or taste. With options ranging from classic roasts to modern dishes like their meat-free ‘Fake & Ale Pie’, there is always something new to try. 

With friendly service, comfortable seating, and a keen eye for detail, Beefeater and Brewers Fayre make every Sunday lunch a meal to look forward to. Here your family can unwind, share stories, and enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company, all while enjoying some of the best Sunday roasts the country has to offer.

Classic Comfort Food to Super Sunday Lunch Dishes.

Sunday lunch is comfort food. These classic dishes have graced tables for generations, bringing together families in a shared experience of taste and tradition. At the heart of this culinary comfort are the succulent roast meats, potatoes, all the trimmings and of course the gravy. Sunday lunch is more than a meal, it is a celebration of British culinary heritage, created to warm the soul and bring smiles to the faces of the whole family.

Beefeater and Brewers Fayre both have plenty of comfort food on offer. For roast meat lovers, there is beef, lamb, chicken, and more, each offering its unique flavour to meld perfectly with all the trimmings and sides. Roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, ready to soak up the gravy, are comforting complements to any roast.

Vegetarian and vegan options are also given a place of honour on the menus of both establishments, so everyone can find comfort in their Sunday Lunch. From innovative plant-based, meat-like roasts to the classic vegetable sides, tailored to suit all dietary preferences, no member of the family’s tastes are unaccounted for.

Planning and Booking Your Next Sunday Lunch

To ensure your Sunday lunch is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, a bit of planning can go a long way. After deciding where to go for Sunday Lunch, booking your table in advance is a wise move to avoid disappointment. It also gives you an opportunity to let the restaurant know you will be using your tastecard for 25% off your total bill at your family meal. 

Consider mentioning any dietary requirements in advance, though both these establishments are known for accommodating a range of dietary needs to ensure everyone at the table is catered for. By taking these simple steps, you can transform your Sunday lunch from a mere meal into a fun weekly event, creating more time for what truly matters - enjoying the company of your loved ones.

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