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The best places for dessert in Birmingham


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If you find yourself in this midlands metropolis, you’re sure to quickly notice the great selection of restaurants that Birmingham has to offer (with many of these included as part of our Birmingham restaurant deals). If you still have room for something sweet after your meal, these dessert places  in Birmingham are not to be missed out on.

The best dessert places in Birmingham.

Whether you’re a big kid or a little kid, there’s just no getting away from the fact that one of life’s greatest pleasures is a well-made sweet treat. If you’re visiting the city or you’re a local, our guide will help you to find the best places for dessert in Birmingham that will be sure to have your favourite treat.

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  • Little Dessert Shop - Birmingham

  • Pirlos Dessert Lounge

  • Ed's Easy Diner - Birmingham - Barclaycard Arena

  • Wafflings

Little Dessert Shop - Birmingham

Little Dessert Shop - Birmingham.

Out of all the dessert places in Birmingham, Little Dessert Shop is one of a kind. The name may be ‘little’, but there’s nothing little about their menu. There’s a great wealth of choice to take your pick from all your sweet favourites here, which are all served in great portion sizes too to get the most from your money.

One of Little Dessert Shop’s distinctive features is its sharing menu which is ideal for treating you and a loved one to a little indulgence. You’ll find dunking boxes, sharing fondues and, most notably, sharing platters featuring huge chocolate models. You can choose from two elegantly presented platters featuring these models that include a chocolate Eiffel Tower and a white chocolate Cinderella slipper that’s filled with chocolate fondue. Delicious!

Pirlo's Dessert Lounge waffle and ice cream

Pirlo’s Dessert Lounge.

Dessert in Birmingham doesn’t get much better than Pirlo’s Dessert Lounge. Boasting their unrivalled dessert in Birmingham, it’s not hard to see why they’ve made this claim. Any chocoholic will feel like they’re in paradise with loads of different options to choose from that are all sure to satisfy your tastebuds. Scrumptious crepes, warm waffles, giant freak shakes and divine cookie dough will all fill the dessert-shaped hole in you with incredible flavours.

Ed's Easy Diner - Birmingham - Barclaycard Arena.

Ed’s Easy Diner is famed for its American diner classics such as their delectable burgers and hot dogs, but that’s of course including the best of what USA desserts have to offer.

Each of their delicious desserts will be sure to delight you, with their waffle sandwich, warm chocolate brownie and chocolate fudge cake all being equally as inviting. If you still need to satisfy your sweet tooth, their range of extra-thick ice cream shakes and sugary sodas will be sure to hit the spot.

Wafflings Birmingham


Waffilings makes for one of the best dessert places in Birmingham based on its mouth-watering flavours and incredible presentation. With their desserts being stacked sky-high with ice cream, biscuits, sprinkles and a whole lot more, their Instagram-worthy sweet treats are just too good to resist.

Their diverse menu makes it an ideal choice for ensuring all your fellow diners are catered for. With loads of vegetarian options and fruity desserts for those after something fresh, Wafflings is a must-stop destination for a well-deserved goodie after city exploring around Birmingham.

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