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The best places for lunch in Birmingham.


Dylan Mitchell

If you’re out and about in Birmingham and looking for the right place to settle down for a quick bite to eat, here at tastecard we’ve got all the information you need to uncover the best places for lunch in Birmingham.  We’ve selected five of our favourite restaurants with some of the best lunch deals out there for you to try out without needing to spend a small fortune.

Best places for lunch in Birmingham.

Birmingham is a hub of culture and thereby has so much to offer in terms of its diverse restaurants, with a massive range of cuisines around every corner. Carry on reading to discover our list of recommendations for the best places for lunch in Birmingham and indulge in an eating experience that you’re sure to never forget. 

  • Pizza Hut

  • Ed’s Easy Diner

  • Sweet Chillies

  • Burger King 

  • Zizzi

Pizza Hut.

If you’re hoping to find a delicious lunch for the whole family but aren’t looking to break the bank in the process, Pizza Hut is guaranteed to be a safe bet and is undoubtedly one of the best places for lunch in Birmingham city centre. With endless types of Pizza on offer, Pizza Hut has something to satisfy the hunger of every customer. If you’re not feeling a pizza, however, worry not, Pizza Hut also serves a range of chicken wings and bites, as well as a wide variety of sides and salads.

Pizza Hut’s brand-new melts are the perfect light bite for lunchtime if you feel like treating yourself to a cheesy little meal that is certain to have you coming back another time for more. With Meat Feast, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken and Spicy Veg on offer, Pizza Hut’s selection of melts is suited to the taste of every customer. 

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Ed’s Easy Diner.

If you’re wanting to play it safe and are looking for a trusty classic, Ed’s Easy Diner will never disappoint. Whether you fancy an all-American burger, a hot dog or are dying for a refreshing milkshake, Ed’s Easy Diner is waiting to transport you all the way to America without you even having to leave Birmingham. 

The perfect lunch choice, Ed’s delicious All Day Breakfast options promise a full stomach and satisfied taste buds. With English-style breakfasts on offer, as well as American fried chicken and waffles, you just can’t deny these scrumptious options for lunch.

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Sweet Chillies.

Why not make an event out of lunchtime every once in a while and experiment with a whole range of cuisines? Start with Sweet Chillies and experience one of the best places for lunch in Birmingham. Sweet Chillies brings a wealth of culture and flavour to each and every one of its dishes with its authentic Indian and Bengalese recipes. Treat yourself to a memorable lunch at Sweet Chillies and savour the delectable tastes on offer to you.

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Burger King.

Are you on the go in Birmingham and looking for a quick and easy meal to fill you up and get you through til dinner time? You can always rely on a Burger King to do the job. With endless amounts of Burgers and sides on offer at a considerably affordable price, Burger King’s amazing value for money is certain to leave your wallet smiling.

If you’re looking to tuck into a lunch that is just as delicious as it is cheap, then why not consider Burger King’s brand-new King Box Double Melt Meal? Consisting of a double patty burger, fries, a drink, plus your choice of either three cheese bites or four onion rings, at just £4.99 the King Box Double Melt Meal is the definition of value for money!

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Wanting to tuck into a hearty authentic Italian meal and enjoy a high-quality pizza or pasta dish for lunch? Then Zizzi might just be the perfect spot for you. Whether you like to keep your Italians simple with a trusty margarita pizza or prefer to indulge in more exciting dishes like pan-fried seabass or truffle and pancetta carbonara, Zizzi’s expansive menu is sure to satisfy the broadest of tastes. 

Now serving both Smoked Salmon Salad and Roasted Mushroom Risotto as part of its lunchtime menu, Zizzi is forever updating your options with new and exciting dishes, perfect for a midday meal in Birmingham.

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