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The best coffee shops in Glasgow.


Dylan Mitchell

Glasgow offers a great range of coffee shops to choose from, with each putting its unique spin on a classic brew. So whether you take yours with oat milk, cow’s milk, with a little bit of syrup or completely black, Glasgow’s coffee shop selection is sure to serve up your coffee, just how you like it. Continue reading this guide to find out what the best coffee shops in Glasgow are where you can also use our cost-cutting tastecard discounts.

Our picks for the top coffee shops in Glasgow.

Coffee is always a tricky business. Finding a place that gets your order just right in the way you like isn’t always easy. So, we’ve made the process a whole lot more straightforward for you. Keep on reading this handy guide to find out the best coffee shops in Glasgow that you can trust to get your espresso just right.

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  • North Star Cafe

  • The Grind House

  • Locker 1012

  • Derby Lane

  • Caffé Calla

  • Andina Colombian Coffee Shop

North Star Glasgow coffee shop

North Star Cafe.

North Star Cafe makes for the perfect place to stop off for breakfast or brunch during your time in Glasgow. Your coffee will taste as good as it looks with presentation always being key. If you’re feeling peckish, this level of effort carries over to their food options too with a range of sandwiches, pastries and classic menu options all beautifully presented and delicious.

Locker 1012 Glasgow, coffee and cake

Locker 1012.

Locker 1012 makes for one of the best coffee shops in Glasgow based on its aesthetic alone. From the interior to the plates and saucers your menu choices will be served on, Locker 1012 has a brilliant floral theme that makes visiting this coffee shop a pleasure every time. Whether you’re catching up with a friend or simply looking for a quiet spot to catch up on a bit of reading, you can’t go wrong with Locker 1012.

Derby Lane Glasgow

Derby Lane.

Derby Lane is a brilliantly vibrant venue that does it all. Whether you’re looking for your ideal espresso, some mouth-watering food or seriously good cocktails, Derby Lane does it all.

The lavish interior of Derby Lane, complete with neon lighting and beautiful hanging plants, makes for an especially unique venue to catch a coffee break. With a lively atmosphere and friendly staff, Derby Lane is easily one of our leading choices for the best coffee shops in Glasgow.


Caffé Calla Glasgow

Caffé Calla.

What makes Caffé Calla one of the best coffee shops in Glasgow? It’s an award-winning, family-run coffee shop that’s been perfecting their coffee craft for years. Using traditional Italian methods, your coffee is sure to hit the spot no matter what you order. If you want an americano, espresso or cappuccino, Caffé Calla is the place where they’re going to do it right.

Andina Colombian Coffee Shop Glasgow

Andina Colombian Coffee Shop.

Andina Colombian Coffee Shop is where you’ll find truly incredible coffee. Andina produces Colombian coffee and imports speciality beans from the Andean Region of Colombia to get their flavours just right. If you’re a coffee specialist and enjoy making some at home too, you can also get bags of their high-end beans while you’re there to take home the Andina coffee experience with you!

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