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Welcome to a culinary journey through the love-laden landscapes of Glasgow! This Scottish powerhouse of a city with its captivating blend of classic and contemporary choices, has many great romantic rendezvous all waiting to treat you and your partner.

Dive into our curated list of romantic restaurants in Glasgow with not only unforgettable meals but enchanting ambiences and unforgettable moments too. Whether you're planning an intimate first date, an anniversary celebration, or a splendid night out, be sure to check out these top date night restaurants in Glasgow.

The most romantic restaurants in Glasgow.

Prepare to embark on a swoon-worthy and delectable journey through the most romantic restaurant deals in Glasgow. With plenty of places to treat your date to in this fantastic city, you’ll be spoiled for choice and able to save an average of £23 per meal!

To whittle it down, we’ve chosen what we think are the most romantic restaurants in Glasgow, definitively. Even better, you can save on the bill at all of these picks with our restaurant deals in Glasgow. With days out deals thrown into the mix too, you and your date can have a brilliant time for less!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, these are our contenders for the best romantic restaurants in Glasgow.

  • Bella Italia

  • Bath Street Palomino

  • Zizzi

  • Drury Street Bar & Kitchen

  • Café Antipasti

Bella Italia.

Bella Italia in Glasgow city centre is the ultimate destination for lovers and lovers of Italian food! With authenticity running through their menu, their diverse dishes have endless unbeatable flavours for the pair of you to tuck into. Indulge in delightful Italian classics like pizza and pasta dishes with a delicious bottle of red wine, of course, to really set the mood.

Experience Bella Italia’s vibrant ambience and romantic atmosphere as you take in its stunning decor, blending contemporary designs with classic Italian restaurant must-haves. With candlelit vibes and the delicious smells of dough baking and cheese melting under the heat, you’ll feel truly transported to Italy when you enjoy our Bella Italia deals.

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Bath Street Palomino Burger - Glasgow

Bath Street Palomino.

Bath Street Palomino is one of the most romantic restaurants in Glasgow that offers a unique twist on an eclectic selection of dishes, guaranteed to delight your taste buds. With a classy interior and swanky decor, this restaurant makes for a perfect restaurant to stop off at after a day of fun-filled activities with your lucky date.

By using the finest local ingredients Glasgow has to offer, they consistently deliver dishes with unmatched freshness. Their mac and cheese is something that has to be tasted to be believed. This tasty treat is cooked in a cast iron pan and customisable with your preferred choice of roast mushrooms, smoked chicken, or pulled pork. Share some with your date if you can resist having it all!

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Zizzi Food and Drinks


Located in one of Glasgow’s most undeniably charming and romantic areas, Zizzi can be found in the ‘west end.’ With cobbled streets, vintage shops galore and an infectious buzz certain to put a smile on your face, there is no better place to take a date in this fantastic city.

Take a seat in this beautifully contemporary Zizzi restaurant. With inviting and modern decor, as well as an open kitchen, equipped with a classic pizza oven, you’re guaranteed to impress your date with this spot. Make use of tastecard’s amazing Zizzi offers and tuck into a tasty pasta dish, or maybe split a cheesy pizza (hopefully you’re both on the same page when it comes to the whole pineapple on pizza debate!)

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Drury Street Bar and Kitchen Burger - Glasgow

Drury Street Bar & Kitchen

If you and your partner’s ideal date night restaurants in Glasgow are chilled-out and easy-going places that serve flavour-packed food to boot, Drury Street Bar & Kitchen is where you need to head. Here, you can get familiar favourites and quirky bites too that will undoubtedly satisfy your cravings.

Stacked burgers, loaded quesadillas and generously topped pizzas make up some of the favourites from this Glaswegian eatery. If you’re the sort of couple that can’t resist a bit of friendly competition, be sure to see who comes out on top from a friendly match on their range of retro and modern arcade machines!

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Cafe Antipasti Glasgow lasagne dish

Café Antipasti.

When choosing our most romantic restaurants in Glasgow, it’s no wonder that Café Antipasti is one of our most recommended selections. Italian cuisine is a favourite among so many couples in the UK for a place to base a romantic evening and Café Antipasti perfectly exemplifies why.

West Coast mussels, wild mushroom pizza and Tuscan bolognese are flavoursome favourites that neither of you will be able to resist. A restaurant’s look can make or break the ideal experience, which Café Antipasti has fully accounted for. Designed by Scottish craftsman Paul Hodgkiss, this restaurant showcases a fine balance of intricate ironwork along with individual woodcraft on every table. Choose this rustic restaurant, and you won’t be disappointed.

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