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The best Caribbean restaurants in London.


Dylan Mitchell

London is home to a wide variety of cultures. England’s capital is steeped in history and is brimming with culinary delights all over the city. If you’re searching for the best Caribbean restaurants in the city, you’ve come to the right place. At tastecard, we understand food and know the best places to eat, so continue reading our helpful guide to picking your next meal.

Our favourite Caribbean restaurants in London.

Caribbean food is so full of flavour, so if you’ve never tried it, it’s time to change that! The cuisine is known for its bold flavours, spices, and use of tropical ingredients such as plantains, cassava, yams, and coconut. Jerk seasoning is a signature spice blend in Caribbean cooking, typically made with a combination of scallions, thyme, allspice, garlic, and Scotch bonnet peppers. It is commonly used to season meat, seafood, and vegetables. And it’s delicious.

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  • Bumbu Restaurant
  • Cafe Caribbean
  • Reggie’s Caribbean Cuisine
  • Ashanti Lounge Bar

Cafe Caribbean.

Cafe Caribbean London Wings

Offering a fusion of cuisines to create familiar Caribbean dishes such as jerk chicken, oxtail and plantains, Cafe Caribbean is a beautiful Caribbean restaurant in the heart of London. A short walk from Shoreditch High Street tube station, Cafe Caribbean is a great way to spend some time with loved ones while enjoying the flavours of the Caribbean.

Bumbu Restaurant.

Bumbu Restaurant is one of the best Caribbean restaurants in London thanks to its charming atmosphere and delicious food. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared, using only the finest ingredients to create the most delicious tastes. As every bite explodes with flavour, guests are guaranteed a truly exciting dining experience at Bumbu in Willesden. If you’re new to Caribbean cuisine, the staff are more than happy to recommend dishes so you can enjoy your time at Bumbu - truly one of London’s best Caribbean restaurants.

Reggie’s Caribbean Cuisine.

Another stunning Caribbean restaurant in London that we love is Reggie’s. This fantastic restaurant is extremely popular with the locals and a great place to go if you’re new or visiting the area. With generous portion sizes and family-orientated meals, you won’t be disappointed at Reggie’s!

Reggie’s offers a range of modern and exclusive dishes inspired by the influential heritage of the Caribbean. Their Trinidadian cuisine contains a fusion of different ethnic influences from Africa, China, East India and Spain, which makes their dishes so diverse.

Ashanti Lounge Bar.

And, last but certainly not least, we have Ashanti Lounge Bar - truly one of the best Caribbean restaurants in London! Offering up a wonderfully relaxed and casual spot to eat out in London, the Ashanti Lounge Bar at the Leilani Restaurant is fantastic for anyone in search of some relaxation and tantalising food. Their menu includes fabulous flavoursome African cuisine, including yam, okra and egusi fish.

Images sourced directly from partners and/or their Instagram accounts. All restaurants available on tastecard at the time of publishing.

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