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Dylan Mitchell

When you think about it, food is a kind of art too. Vibrant colours, rich historical context, cultural influences and impassioned creators - except this kind of art goes in your mouth instead of on a gallery wall. Dining out can be just as much of a cultural experience as visiting a gallery if you know the right spots.

So why not finish off your visit to London’s Tate Modern by feeding your inner starving artist with tastecard? We’ve got plenty of suggestions for the very best restaurants near Tate Modern for you to choose from. So indulge yourself in the art of food and save an average of £23 per meal whilst you’re at it!

The best restaurants near Tate Modern

After a day of history and culture at the Tate Modern, take the weight off your feet and stop off at one of our favourite restaurants near the gallery. With tastecard, you can enjoy a whole load of savings on restaurants including 2 for 1 meals and 25% off your total bill.  

  • Giuseppe’s

  • Auberge

  • The Britannia

  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen


If it's date night and you’re taking that special someone out for an evening at the theatre, we suggest starting your date at the authentic and intimate Little India in Kensington. The perfect place to set the mood for your night, Little India’s ambience and atmosphere simply breathes romance! Their expert chefs are proud to work with only the freshest ingredients and produce traditional dishes, with spices certain to transport you all the way to India. Enjoy their creative speciality dishes for a unique and flavourful dining experience like no other, or tuck into their Indian classics like korma and madras.

Enjoy 25% off your total bill when you get a taste of Little India with tastecard!

32 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4RB


This contemporary Italian spot is only around the corner from The Royal Albert Hall and is guaranteed to please even the fussiest of eaters. FEBE are all about pizzas and pasta, and with their three-step philosophy, you’re guaranteed to be well looked after during your visit. With Italian dishes, aperitivos, and an understanding of alternative diets, FEBE has got all your bases covered! If you just fancy a light focaccia with your wine, just know that you’re missing out on a whole cast of flavours waiting in the wings! If you’re asking us, we recommend their delicious Gnocchi Sorrentina or Tagliata di Manzo. Enjoy a show stopping meal that is ‘Bravo!’

Tuck into a delicious dining experience at FEBE for 25% off your total bill Sunday - Thursday.

138-140 Cromwell Road, South, London SW7 4HA

The Britannia - SMOK’D

When visiting the English capital, you simply have to enjoy a classic English pub dinner at one point or another. Famous for its grilled and smoked meats, The Britannia - SMOK’D is the perfect homely spot to refuel whilst enjoying one of tastecard’s days out in the big city. Blending American BBQ with modern British dishes, The Britannia offers a completely unique and beefy pub experience that we certainly recommend sinking your teeth into.


Never mind the Tate, let's talk about taste! Feast on the Britannia’s signature Smok’d Pub’s Famous Jack Ladder Beef Ribs or put your trust in the hands of their talented chef to explore their irresistibly juicy Burger of the Month option. When it comes to drinks, don’t even worry about it. The Britannia has an extensive drinks menu, featuring endless choices of both whisky and wine, perfect for washing down a meaty meal after a day spent at the Tate. 

Treat yourself to 25% off your total bill at The Britannia Monday - Saturday when you visit with tastecard.

44 Kipling St, Kipling Estate, London SE1 3RU

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

When you finish up at the Tate Modern, why not tuck into a diner-styled all-American burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and eat like New York’s artistic legends Keith Haring and Andy Warhol? Whether you’re a meat eater or prefer to keep it plant-based, Gourmet Burger Kitchen has got you covered with an extensive menu of mouth-watering options. 

Stacked with precision and endless toppings, GBK’s burgers wouldn’t feel out of place at the Tate’s modern sculptures exhibit! But whilst you might have to tip-toe around and stay well clear of those pieces of art, you’ve got our permission to completely destroy whatever GBK puts on your plate!

Bite into Gourmet Burger Kitchen Sunday - Thursday with tastecard and save 25% off your total bill.

119A Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8UL


Images sourced directly from partners and/or their Instagram accounts. All restaurants available on tastecard at the time of publishing.

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