The best traditional British restaurants in London.


Dylan Mitchell

London is home to a massive selection of different cuisines and vibrant cultures. The English capital is a hub of culture with different restaurants and flavours on every corner. We all love Chinese, Indian, American, Mexican, Italian, and so on, but every once in a while, you just can’t beat a hearty British meal.

Here at tastecard, we’ve put together a list of the very homeliest and best traditional restaurants in London that we’d recommend dining out at.

Top traditional British restaurants in London.

At tastecard, if you didn’t already know, you can pick up amazing savings with 2 for 1 meals and 25% off food and drinks both in London and across the entire UK. All you have to do is download the app and sign up, then check out the nearest restaurants to you while wandering around London. You’ll find fantastic discounts at all of these top-class British restaurants:

  • The Hercules Pillars

  • The Old Station Yard Cafe

  • Destination Bar At The Leonardo Hotel

  • Elements Bar At Novotel Hotel London Paddington

  • Reform Social And Grill At The Mandeville Hotel

Hercules Pillars London

The Hercules Pillars.

If we jump back over to central London, we’ll find The Hercules Pillars which has excellent transport links with Holborn underground station just a short walk away. Delightfully decorated in separate areas, customers can get comfortable in the pub section, settle into the more formal restaurant-style setting or simply perch at the bar with a few bites at The Hercules Pillars.

There is a range of fantastic choices for diners looking to simply lounge with friends, including smaller sides and sharing options, featuring the likes of jalapeno cream cheese poppers, paired with sour cream, and the Hercules Platter, a mouth-watering medley of chicken wings, spring rolls, macaroni and cheese bites, and much more. The main courses are equally as irresistible, with classic pub grub and burgers and refreshing cajun chicken salad, tossed with bacon, cucumber and a balsamic glaze dressing. Charmingly authentic and homely, The Hercules Pillars is easily one of the best traditional British restaurants in London.

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The Old Station Yard Cafe London

The Old Station Yard Cafe.

The Old Station Yard Cafe is another fantastic establishment in east London that requires your attention. It’s a traditional café offering satisfying food to all customers. Catering for everyone in the community, The Old Station Yard provides exceptional home-cooked specials and baked goods that change daily. If you live in the area, the chances are high that you already know this place as one of the best traditional restaurants in London. But if you’re a newcomer, you should definitely give them a try for proper, high-quality British food.

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Destination Bar Leonardo Hotel London

Destination Bar at the Leonardo Hotel.

If you’re flying in or out of London at Heathrow Airport, you may be feeling a bit peckish on your travels. Fortunately, the Destination Bar at the Leonardo Hotel is just around the corner, making it easy to enjoy a fabulous British meal. Open to both guests of the hotel and those just passing through, this chic hotel bar is a busy little spot. The food on offer is perfect for the diner on the go, as it offers a constantly changing menu that is jam-packed with light bar meals and snacks aplenty. Choose from a great selection of sandwiches, baguettes, burgers and salads.

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Elements Bar Novotel London

Elements Bar at Novotel Hotel London Paddington.

Another hotel diner that serves the best of British is the Elements Bar at Novotel Hotel in Paddington. What makes this one of the best British restaurants in London is the full package of an easy-to-find location, splendid decor, wonderful service and even better food. Serving up a selection of light meals and beverages in a stylish and contemporary environment throughout the day, Elements Bar is a wonderful location for a British meal with loved ones. So if you’ve just enjoyed one of tastecard’s exciting days out in the UK’s capital, refuel at the Elements Bar and get ready for another busy day in the big city.

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Reform Social and Grill at the Mandeville Hotel.

The final stop on our journey looking at the best British restaurants in London takes us to the Mandeville Hotel. Reform Social and Grill is a place you simply must try with delightful starters, a fully-stocked bar and wonderful main courses made only from the finest British ingredients. The menu is awash with fresh flavours, featuring such delicious dishes as the rich mushroom ravioli, complete with baby spinach and a garlic cream sauce, the juicy slow-roasted pork belly that’s partnered with sweet potato dauphinoise, seasonal greens and an apple sauce, and the pan-fried salmon, served with potatoes, capers and a green pea veloute.

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Images sourced directly from partners and/or their Instagram accounts. All restaurants available on tastecard at the time of publishing.

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