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The best Chinese restaurants in London.


Dylan Mitchell

London is home to so many different cuisines. The capital of England has a wide range of cultures in every corner of the city, and this is reflected in the restaurant scene. We love all kinds of food at tastecard, but Chinese cuisine always jumps out at us. If you’re the same, read our guide on the best Chinese restaurants in London below.

Chinese restaurants in London.

With a tastecard subscription, you can find London restaurant deals with ease. If you want to sample some of the finest Chinese cuisines the great city has to offer, visit our tips below:

  • Dalchini

  • Haozhan

  • Sichuan House

Dalchini London Chinese Food


Down in the south-west of London, in Wimbledon, you’ll find a beautiful indo-chinese restaurant called Dalchini. This is London’s pioneering restaurant that serves Hakka Chinese cuisine. To many people, this is the comfort food they miss back in India.

Hakka means 'Guest People' as this style of cooking was developed by Chinese settlers in India, marrying Oriental styles of cooking with Indian ingredients.

Dishes at Dalchini include Mahim Fish Koliwada, a spiced batter fried fish served with mint chutney, and Squid Pepper Salt, which is a light batter fried squid tossed with garlic, chillies and freshly crushed aromatic black pepper. There is so much more to sample on their incredibly-detailed menu. It’s a must-try if you’re in the area.


The next stop on our Oriental tour around London is right in the middle of Soho and Covent Garden. Here, you’ll find Haozhan, a beautiful Chinese restaurant that’s been delighting customers for many years. Haozhan quickly became one of the best Chinese restaurants in London, with Time Out acknowledging the restaurant as one of the city’s very best just two months after opening in 2007. 

Haozhan translates to a “great place to eat". The word "Hao" means good or great and "Zhan" is a place where people would meet to eat and drink during ancient Chinese times, similar to an inn. These two words best describe the restaurant’s philosophy of creating good food. With its delectable dishes, lovely atmosphere and famous reviews, it’s clear to see why Haozhan is one of the most exciting Chinese restaurants in London, with stunning dishes like baked lobster with ginger and spring onions. We also recommend the dim sum platter and the roast duck.

Sichuan House.

Sichuan House is the third and final stop on our journey around London’s best Chinese restaurants. Located in Islington, this delightful restaurant is in a prime location for tourists and is favoured by locals. Their menu boasts both classic and modern Chinese dishes, including the Sichuan hot pot, which is served in simple and elegant surroundings.

This beautiful restaurant expresses creativity in its dishes and prides itself on excellent service in a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you visit Sichuan, you may be tempted to order crispy duck or sweet and sour chicken, but the chefs have gone to great lengths to create a modern set of dishes that surprise and delights your tastebuds.

So, if you’re in the Islington area of London right now and you’re feeling peckish, head to Sichuan and let your taste buds have a party.

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