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The best cinemas in London.


Dylan Mitchell

Spending a few hours at a cinema can without a doubt be one of the most relaxing yet exhilarating pastimes. Whether you’re planning on catching the latest blockbuster movie or are heading out for date night to see a romantic comedy, picking the right cinema is an integral part of the process.

So if you’re fancying a trip to the movies, you’re in luck because some of the best movie theatres are based in London. Check out our list of the best cinemas in London and don't forget, you can save at many of them with tastecard!

What are the best cinemas in London?

When looking for the best cinemas around in the capital, there are plenty of choices, regardless of what you’re looking for. Would you rather visit a big-name chain that provides the full cinema package with huge screens and big-brand confectionery, or would you prefer something a little more unique and independent?

In London, you’re quite simply spoilt for choice! So check out our list of the best movie theatres in London:

  • Genesis Cinema Whitechapel

  • Picturehouse

  • Empire


  • Vue

Genesis cinema london

Genesis Cinema Whitechapel.

If you’re in Whitechapel in London, you’re certain to stumble across Genesis, easily one of the coolest cinemas in London. This arthouse cinema shows a whole variety of films, perfect for everyone’s taste. So whether you’re looking to catch the latest action film or are looking to head over and watch an artsy classic, you’re guaranteed to find something that you’ll enjoy. If one thing is for certain, Genesis’ audiences don’t play when it comes to cinema, so if you’re wanting to fully immerse yourself in another universe with like-minded film-buffs, Genesis is the only cinema for you.

Ritzy Cinema London

The Ritzy – Picturehouse.

Welcome to Picturehouse’s Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, one of the most iconic theatres in England! The Ritzy is one of London’s oldest purpose-built picture houses, having opened in 1911. With over 100 years of history inside the famous walls, The Ritzy is an ideal location for some movie-watching. This Picturehouse has an undeniably vintage vibe, giving you an exciting taste of what it might’ve been like for your grandparents to go to the movies back in the day! Picturehouse’s Ritzy Cinema in Brixton is all about bringing the classic excitement back to the cinema, so make sure you’re there to enjoy it!


The first of our choices for the best chain cinemas in London is Empire in Walthamstow. Showing all of the latest and most current blockbuster films, you’re certain to leave Empire impressed! So get yourself a large bag of popcorn, sweet or salted - promise we won’t judge -, or even tuck into some cheesy nachos, kick back and enjoy the film!

Odeon luxe heymarket


If you’re an avid cinema-goer then it’s more than likely that you’ve already visited an ODEON before. If you’re looking for the latest blockbuster superhero movie, an Oscars favourite or are looking to take the whole family out to see the newest children’s movie, you won’t be left disappointed by ODEON in Haymarket on Panton Street. With huge screens and amazing sound systems, you’ll quite easily be transported into another world at ODEON.

Woman reaching into a tub of popcorn


Vue Cinema in Piccadilly is another one of the best cinemas in London. Vue is determined to provide premium entertainment on the big screen and guarantees a high-quality, immersive experience, whatever you’re watching. So head down to Piccadilly and pop into Vue to catch up on the latest films with some of the best sound and seating in the city.

Why not make a night of it?

London is also brimming with a huge array of restaurants surrounding each and every one of these cinemas, so why not make an event out of your cinema visit and treat yourself to a delicious meal once the curtains close on your movie? With your tastecard subscription, you are eligible for a range of discounts with offers including 2 for 1 restaurant deals and up to 50% off your meals! With savings like that available, it’d be rude not to! Browse tastecard’s London offers now and get planning your trip!

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