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The best Greek restaurants in London.


Dylan Mitchell

Get ready to indulge in a culinary journey to Greece, without leaving London! Greek cuisine is known for its vibrant flavours, fresh ingredients, and mouth-watering dishes. The capital is home to some of the best Greek restaurants that offer a delicious and authentic taste of Greece. From traditional gyros and souvlaki to crispy feta filo parcels and honey-drenched baklava, the Greek restaurants in London have something to satisfy every palate. So, join us as we guide you through the best Greek restaurants in London.


Our favourite Greek restaurants in London.

At tastecard, there’s nothing we love more than providing London restaurant deals, but we’re especially passionate about guiding you through the best restaurants in your area. Check out our list, below, of the best Greek restaurants in London:

  • The Life Goddess

  • George’s Fish and Souvlaki Bar

  • Mezopoly

The Life Goddess London Greek food and wine

The Life Goddess.

The first stop on our journey around Greece - sorry, London - is The Life Goddess. This beautiful restaurant is a wonderfully-inviting place that makes for a fine spot to rest and eat. Found on Carnaby Street, just a short walk from Hyde Park and 10 Downing Street, The Life Goddess is a popular eatery in the area. Its fantastic location is matched by the quality of its food with plenty of flavourful Greek dishes on offer, including roasted beans and stuffed pepper dishes, among other delights. So, if you’re feeling adventurous and you’re in the area, try The Life Goddess with your friends!

George’s Fish and Souvlaki Bar London Greek Food

George’s Fish and Souvlaki Bar.

Now, heading north in the capital to South Woodford, you’ll find George’s Fish and Souvlaki Bar. This fantastic restaurant is popular amongst locals, so give it a shot in you’re in the area. George's Fish Bar takes massive pride in sourcing sustainable fish and the very best in local produce for their kitchen. The only items that they may need to go further afield to source are the Greek Cypriot specialities, but they are definitely worth the trouble! This award-winning restaurant is a must-try if you’re a lover of Greek food.

Mezopoly London Greek Meze dishes


And last but certainly not least, we have Mezopoly. Easily one of the best Greek restaurants in London, this place is ideal if you’re a lover of Greece and its cuisine. Located in the heart of north London, Mezopoly entices you with flavour and scent that reminds you of Greece. Sat just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the centre of London, Mezopoly is still nearby Palmers Green tube station, making it easily accessible.

On the menu, there is a wealth of fish, vegetables and meat options, all made with care and attention to detail and carefully prepared with fresh ingredients. So, for a laidback and warm evening with great food, there aren’t many better places than Mezopoly.

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