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The best places for breakfast In London.


Dylan Mitchell

Ah breakfast, the most important meal of the day. What better way to start your morning than by fueling your body with delicious savoury snacks and a refreshing 25% off barista-made drinks, courtesy of tastecard’s favourite places for breakfast in London

Whether you prefer a full English, like to keep it light or rely on that caffeine buzz to get you through till lunchtime, London has endless options available to make sure your early morning hunger is satisfied. Keep reading to uncover all of our picks for the best breakfast spots in London to prepare you for your day ahead.

Best places for breakfast in Central London

Prepare to become the ‘early bird’ as you swoop down and catch an abundance of amazing deals and offers on breakfast menus across the UK’s capital. With tastecard, you can enjoy savings like 2 for 1 meals or 50% off food at breakfast spots across the UK. With classics like sausage on toast and trendy contemporary breakfast options like granola or eggs benedict, London’s enticing eateries are certain to offer something to tantalise everyone’s taste buds. 

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Hungry for the main event? Here are tastecard’s picks for the best places for breakfast in London:

  • Intrepid Bakers

  • Zacks London

  • Pearl Lemon Café

  • Bocca Lounge and Restaurant

  • Alici's

Intrepid Bakers London

Intrepid Bakers.

When it comes to the best places for breakfast in London, you can’t beat a coffee and a pastry from North London’s Intrepid Bakers. Intrepid Bakers is a homely artisanal bakery serving an array of scrumptious homemade pastries and sweet treats. In case the irresistibly inviting smell of their coffee wasn’t enough, their eye-catching front window filled with delicious bread and other savoury snacks is certain to draw you inside. 

With tastecard, you’re eligible for 25% off barista-made drinks at Intrepid Bakers.


Zack's London

Zacks London.

Whilst London is home to hundreds of the world’s most famous chain restaurants and cafés, the city’s abundance of independent gems should not be overlooked, especially when we’re talking about freshly brewed tea and coffee. Zacks London, in South Kensington, offers a whole range of exciting and enticing Mediterranean breakfast options, perfect for dining out, as well as a broad selection of Barista-made coffees, teas, juices and smoothies. With plenty of amazing options to energise yourself for the day ahead, why not wake yourself up with a refreshing early-morning drink from Zacks, one of the best places for breakfast in central London?

With tastecard, you can get an amazing 25% off barista-made drinks at Zacks London!

Pearl Lemon Cafe London

Pearl Lemon Café.

Let’s be honest, atmosphere and ambience are extremely important factors when deciding whether or not a restaurant or café is right for you and can quite often be a dealbreaker - especially first thing in the morning. The staff at Pearl Lemon Café understand just how significant creating an inviting and warm environment truly is and are famous in Fulham for their excellent customer service. 

Whether you’re an early bird, or you tend to sacrifice breakfast in place of a few extra Zs, Pearl Lemon Café has you covered, offering breakfast options all day long. With sweet and savoury treats and a dedication to providing only the best freshly brewed coffee, Pearl Lemon Café has all of your breakfast bases in order. So if you’re embarking on one of our amazing days out in London, why not start your day at Pearl Lemon Café?

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Bocca Lounge and Restaurant London

Bocca Lounge and Restaurant.

If you’re on the lookout for one of the most stylish, Instagrammable places for breakfast in London, Bocca Lounge and Restaurant is your go-to. One of the best places for breakfast in London, make an event out of breakfast and indulge in a range of delectable high-quality dishes like poached eggs and avocado or the divine 24k Bocca Gold Royale. 

Bocca simply oozes class and is quite literally an experience in itself, with floral arrangements draped from the ceiling and some of the most chic decor in the city. So why not treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind brunch with your friends next time you’re in London and visit the vibrant Bocca Lounge and Restaurant?

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Alici's London


Bored of settling for cereal and toast and keen to try something a little bit different for breakfast?  We’ve got just the suggestion for you. Alici’s is one of London’s newest and most glamourous breakfast spots, offering a range of Indian, Mediterranean and Turkish dishes. With a selection of delicious halal Menemen plates, as well as classic American options like pancakes, Alici’s menu considers everyone’s breakfast needs. 

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Images sourced directly from partners and/or their Instagram accounts. All restaurants available on tastecard at the time of publishing.

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