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The best places for dessert in London.


Dylan Mitchell

With as many world-famous restaurants with eager diners queuing endlessly outside as hidden gems that have yet to be discovered by the average diner, London is home to a wealth of fantastic restaurants. 

Those who have already enjoyed a great main and are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, or even those looking to skip a main entirely, will be on the search for a restaurant that serves up the most delicious dessert that the capital city has to offer. If this sounds like it could be you, read on to find out the best places for dessert in London that you absolutely must visit.

The best desserts in London.

London's vast choice of eateries means that you’ll be in one of the best places in the country for tucking into a great dessert. If you find yourself still feeling a little peckish after your dessert, we have lots of huge restaurant deals in London that you can use to cure your hunger for less. With our days out deals, you can also have a fantastic time seeing and taking part in the best London attractions for less too.

Now buckle up, because you’re about to find out where you can delve into the best desserts in London just below.

  • Waffle Lover
  • Papa Americana
  • Sweet Now
  • Urban Chocolatier
  • Chelsea Gelato

Waffle Lover.

The amount of choice London offers when it comes to desserts may leave you wondering exactly where to turn. If you’re a fan of a good waffle, served warm and covered with toppings, then Waffle Lover is the ideal place to visit for some of the best desserts in London.

If you do identify as a waffle lover, then this place will have no difficulties with tantalising your tastebuds as soon as you set eyes on their incredible selection of waffles. With maple syrup, chocolate, salted caramel and more to choose from, Waffle Lover’s waffles will easily convert the uninitiated into the waffle-loving lifestyle. Weird but wonderful, there are even savoury waffles such as their smoked salmon and goat’s cheese waffles for those looking for something unique.

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Papa Americana Dessert London

Papa Americana.

For those who enjoy indulging in a sweet treat chock-full of toppings and flavour, Papa Americana is one of the best places for dessert in London and makes for the ideal stop-off point for those looking to sprinkle in some sweetness into their day. If you can think of a dessert, chances are that Papa Americana offers it and will craft it to perfection.

Whether you’re after a waffle, cookie dough, pancake or gelato, this place does it all. They even offer options for those looking for something a little lighter with many fresh smoothies available too. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try out the Americana special mint tea, sure to provide the refreshment you’ve been looking for.

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Sweet Now Dessert London

Sweet Now.

Sweet Now does it all with a sweet menu so diverse, it could make anyone indecisive. Their choices of cookie dough, cake, crepes and waffles all make for the perfect after-dinner delight with generous servings no matter what you pick. Everyone has their favourite dessert, so the choice is entirely up to you. However, we recommend exploring their ice cream choices if you’re looking for some help.

The ice cream sundaes at Sweet Now are all packed with flavour and simply irresistible. Their classic banana split will be a firm favourite if an ice cream loaded up with fresh banana, sprinkles and whipped cream sounds like a dream to you. Alternatively, their toffee sundae covered with mini caramel fudge and caramel sauce is just as good.

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Urban Chocolatier London

Chelsea Gelato.

If you're craving a sweet escape, The Urban Chocolatier is your dessert haven, where every bite is better than the last. Dig into dessert artistry like never before. With an artisan's touch, they craft gelato and patisserie delights using a traditional Italian method and fresh, artificial-free ingredients. Have you seen their Nutella French Toast? We honestly can't get enough.

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Chelsea Gelato Dessert London

Chelsea Gelato.

Famously, Chelsea is the area of choice for Londoners who enjoy the finer thing in life and enjoy a life of luxury and indulgence. As you may expect, Chelsea Gelato fully delivers on this theme is no exception to this theme and serves some of the best desserts in London.

This ice cream parlour knows how to blow its customers away with incredible flavours from its exceedingly good Italian gelato. With second-to-none presentation and a staggering amount of unique flavours to choose from, you would be missing out on not giving Chelsea Gelato a try during your time in the capital.

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