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The best places for pizza in London.


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When you’re craving a classic combination of flavours that you are sure will hit the spot, there’s just no beating a well-made pizza. No matter if you are looking for a pizza with heaps of toppings, a delicious vegan pizza or would even prefer to go tomato-free with a ‘white pizza’, these restaurants are sure to offer you something that you’ll love. Take a look at our guide on the best pizza restaurants in London to find some truly mouth-watering pizza during your time in the capital.

Our best pizza restaurants in London.

There’s a reason that this popular dish has continued to be a top choice for people around the country, pizzas simply taste too good! A pizza done right can seem like heaven when your pizza is skillfully made and created with the finest ingredients. If this level of pizza perfection is what you’re looking for, try out one of these pizza restaurants in London to sink your teeth into some fantastic flavours.

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  • Pulcinella Pizzeria

  • Bella Italia - London - Queensway 55

  • Zizzi - Chiswick

  • Il Gusto Italian Restaurant Paddington

Pulcinella Pizzeria London

Pulcinella Pizzeria.

Whether you’re a London local or are a visitor aiming to try the best of what London has to offer, you would be missing out by not giving Pulcinella Pizzeria a try. Here, you can get your hands on some pizza cooked to perfection thanks to Pulcinella’s high-end wood-fired pizza ovens.

Authenticity is key here as the south Italy way of pizza creation is taken all the way from Italy to London. From the handmade cheese to rich tomato sauce, you’ll be savouring every single bite at Pulcinella with them producing some of the best pizza in London.


Bella Italia Pepperoni Pizza

Bella Italia - London - Queensway 55.

Bella Italia is one of the best pizza restaurants in London if you’re looking for a fully authentic pizza. With decades of experience in bringing the best bits of Italian cuisine across their menu of pasta, salads and sweet treats, the same can be said for their pizzas too.

In their range of second-to-none pizzas, you’ll find heaps of options, including classic flavours such as the all-time favourite Margherita and a meat-loaded pepperoni, as well as some new flavours you may not have come across before. If you fancy something slightly different, try out the calzone that’s stuffed to the brim with a variety of meats. You’re sure to find the ideal pizza for you at Bella Italia!


Zizzi - Chiswick.

Think the usual pizzas you see on every menu need a bit of a switch-up? Well,  Zizzi is one of the best pizza restaurants in London for those that are looking for something a little different. Diners who can’t get enough of all of the classic options will also be catered for, but those looking for some unique pizzas that you can’t find anywhere else will be satisfied here.

As well as their uncommon pasta, risotto and seafood choices, their distinctive pizza flavours are sure to go down a treat. Their rustica-style pizzas and calzones come in a variety of flavours, complete with delicious topping combinations that you will be hard-pressed to find the likes of anywhere else.


Il Gusto Paddington London

Il Gusto Italian Restaurant - Paddington.

It’s fair to say that Il Gusto knows a thing or two about making quality pizza. Their staff are experts at putting together pizzas that are fully authentic and will keep you coming back for more. From the moment you step foot inside the restaurant, it’s easy to see the Italian authenticity going into the experience. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere and gorgeous interior decor that will transport you right to Italy, make sure to visit Il Gusto for the best pizza in London. You won’t be disappointed!

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