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The best restaurants near Notting Hill Carnival.


Dylan Mitchell

You may recognise Notting Hill from the famous romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant, but there is much more to the area. If you take a walk around Notting Hill, you’ll see streets lined with beautiful foliage, incredible houses, stunning architecture and a vast range of restaurants and cafes to enjoy. If you’re struggling to make your mind up on where to eat, check out our list of the best places to eat in the area.

Best restaurants in Notting Hill.

If you’re searching for restaurant deals in the Notting Hill area, you’re in luck! At tastecard, we love providing savings for you, and this list of the best places to eat in Notting Hill is perfect for doing just that. Find some great savings at phenomenal restaurants in our list below:

  • Galpao

  • Palki Indian Cuisine

  • Kish Lounge & Desserts

  • Almost Firangi Cafe

Galpao London, Brazilian food


Galpao is not to be missed if you are a lover of authentic Brazilian food. Amid their petiscos (appetisers) and menu principal (main menu), there are a whole host of Brazilian treats that are not to be missed while you’re in the area. One of their most popular dishes is their barriga de porco acebolada (onion pork belly). Served with a lime garnish, the sweet and savoury flavours of this dish make for a surprisingly effective combination.

If you fancy indulging in festivities and merriness with a tipple or two, you can try some unique cocktails and beverages at Galpao. Be sure to choose their Sicilian lemon Caipirinha (Brazil’s national cocktail), Aperol spritz or  classic beers served in ice-cold glasses.

Palki Indian London

Palki Indian Cuisine.

Another of the best places to eat in Notting Hill that features fantastic Indian cuisine is Palki. Take a stroll up Golborne Road and discover a piece of India's finest dishes right here. You can, of course, pick up classic Indian dishes here, but popular choices are the sizzling barbecued lamb and chicken dishes that feature onion, pepper and tomatoes, as well as the succulent butter chicken. Palki also boasts a well-stocked bar and is well worth a visit for lovers of Indian cuisine.

Almost Firangi Cafe Indian London

Almost Firangi Cafe.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Notting Hill carnival food and would prefer to try out some delicious Indian flavours, Almost Firangi Cafe is the place to go.

As one of the best places to eat in Notting Hill for some great Indian food, Almost Firangi offers Biryani, seafood, Tandoori options and desserts. Always made with high-quality ingredients and served with a beautiful presentation, Almost Frangi will be sure not to disappoint you.

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