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The best steak restaurants in London


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London is home to many cultures and cuisines and, occasionally, it can be difficult picking something to eat! There’s so much choice in every area of the capital, but one thing we at tastecard always tend to come back to is steak. Are you the same? If you’re a steak lover then you’re in the right place as we take you through a guide to the best steak restaurants in London. Continue reading to find your new favourite steak restaurant!

Looking for succulent steak restaurants in London?

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  • Giotto Macellaio

  • Le Madison Steakhouse

  • TDQ Steaks

Giotto Macellaio.

Are you feeling peckish? Us too! The first restaurant that comes to mind when thinking about steak in London is Giotto Macellaio. This delightful family-run restaurant serves a menu which is a melting pot of classic Italian cooking, from delicious antipasti to stonebaked pizza and freshly-made pasta.

For steak lovers, it’s also an ideal place to stop and relax. Their menu provides a mouth-watering Italian dining experience and serves an exquisite selection of the best cut of steaks you can find. So, whether you’re looking for a ribeye, sirloin, prime rib or porterhouse, you’ll be in luck at Giotto Macellaio.

In an easy-to-find location on New Oxford Street, you may have just stumbled upon your new favourite steak restaurant in London.


Le Madison Steakhouse.

Situated on Raven Row in the popular Whitechapel area of London is Le Madison Steakhouse. Just off Mile End Road, this beautiful steak restaurant is easily accessible and provides a stunning meal for all customers.

This must-try restaurant has a distinctly American style and offers a range of dishes that include chops, burgers, lobsters, fish and chips as well as wine and cocktails on the side. You can start off your meal with tasty starters such as loaded nachos and cheesy chips, then tuck right into a prime cut of steak. We recommend choosing the T-bone - a 400g, well-marbled cut that consists of two lean, tender steaks. However, you do have a choice between rib eye, rump, Aberdeen Angus rib eye and sirloin, and much more.

For steak lovers, Le Madison Steakhouse offers plenty of mouth-watering choices. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Whitechapel now to satisfy your appetite!


TDQ Steaks.

The final stop on our tour of the best steak restaurants in London takes us to the delightful TDQ Steaks. Sitting on the Albert Embankment in London, this fantastic restaurant provides stunning views of the River Thames while you tuck into your juicy steak.

Rare, medium or well-done, it doesn’t matter here! Just sit back, enjoy your steak and take in the views of the beautiful Thames. With an atmosphere that embraces you as you walk in, TDQ Steaks offers great cuts of steak, scrumptious seafood and fabulous service from the staff.

This cosy, unpretentious restaurant is a must-try if you’re in the area. Lambeth is home to many wonderful restaurants, but if you’re on the lookout for steak, you won’t find any better than this delightful spot.


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