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The best Thai restaurants in London.


Dylan Mitchell

If you’ve yet to experience what Thai food has to offer, you haven’t lived! Seasoned Thai connoisseurs will be sure to know about the range of flavours and aromas that are unique to the cuisine and make it a pleasure to return to. Wherever you’re up to in your Thai food exploration, London’s diverse restaurant scene means that you have plenty of choices to sink your teeth into some of the best Thai food London has to offer. Keep on reading and let us entice you.

The best Thai food in London.

You’ll find something for everyone within Thai cuisine. From a rich and flavourful massaman curry to a classic pad Thai, your taste buds will be sure to be satisfied with the fantastic dishes that this unique cuisine offers. To get you started on your London Thai culinary adventure, we’ve put together a few picks we think you should give a go while in the city.

Enso Thai London


Enso offers an intriguing blend of both Thai and Japanese dishes in case you feel like trying out the best bits of both cuisines, or are just a little bit indecisive! Enso’s menu benefits from being this diverse, as they offer plenty of delicious options that you and your fellow diners are sure to love. Whether you go with the Thai flow and choose a Pad Po Tak or feel like making a culinary hop over to Japan and opt for some sushi, the world of flavour Enso brings to the table is not to be missed.

Thaii London Brick Lane


If you’re looking for one of the best Thai restaurants in London to try out the distinctive flavours, Thaii is the place to go.. The great thing about Thai cuisine is that there is something that meets everyone's tastes. If you feel like cranking the heat up, go for their po-tek soup which has a great hot and sour flavour. Alternatively, those who prefer their dishes milder will enjoy the chu chee, made with a creamy coconut curry paste. However you want to take your Thai experience, Thaii will serve just what you’re looking for.

Satay Street London Chicken-Papaya-Rice

Satay Street.

What makes Satay Street one of the best Thai restaurants in London is that they’ve perfected the art of Thai street food. Initially starting as a street stall in 2009, the irresistible flavours Satay Street whips up have meant that they have built up a reputation for doing Thai dishes properly and have now expanded into opening a cafe too! Satay Street is famed for its tofu, curry and satay dishes that have kept Londoners coming back for more. Our top recommendations include their crispy tofu, stir-fried cashew and pad see ew.

ZappZaa London


The flavours at ZappZaa are just as exciting and electrifying as the restaurant’s name! The restaurant prides itself on its authenticity when it comes to its menu with traditional Thai dishes being served with only the finest ingredients available. No matter if you are sharing the Thai experience with your friends or your family, ZappZaa's powerful aromas and tasty dishes make it one of our top picks.

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