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The best Turkish restaurants in London.


Dylan Mitchell

If you're a fan of delicious, flavourful food, you're in the right place! London is a melting pot of cultures, and Turkish cuisine is one that has made its mark in the city's vibrant culinary scene. From succulent kebabs to fragrant meze plates, Turkish restaurants in London offer a wide range of mouth-watering dishes that will tantalise your taste buds. So, join us as we explore the best Turkish restaurants in London and discover the hidden gems in the capital.

Our favourite Turkish restaurants in London.

At tastecard, we love Turkish food and London restaurant deals! In London, there’s a wide range of Turkish restaurants to choose from, but we have picked the very best for you to try. Check out our list of the best Turkish restaurants in the capital:

  • The Pera Mediterranean

  • Gem

  • Al Kababgi

  • Blacklist Lounge

  • Capital Restaurant

The Pera Mediterranean London Turkish kebab

The Pera Mediterranean.

Found in the heart of Islington, this delightful restaurant is a favourite among locals - and for good reason! The Pera Mediterranean is a great spot to sample the flavours of Turkey. With a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, this restaurant is ideal for the whole family to enjoy the pleasures of the Mediterranean.

Along with warm and friendly service from the staff, you can enjoy tantalising savoury plates of food, known as mezes. The real attraction at The Pera Mediterranean is the traditional way of cooking all the meals on wood charcoal. Sample incredible dishes like lamb, chicken shish, mixed kebab, charcoal sea bass fillet, and much more in this fabulous establishment.

Gem London, turkish platter


Another diamond in Islington is Gem. A beautiful restaurant with even better food, you simply must try one of the very best Turkish restaurants in London. Recently renovated with a fresh new look and an invigorating menu, Gem is a delight. They offer a mouth-watering medley of meze options which kickstart your taste buds in action, ready for the main attraction. The rest of Gem’s menu offers an eclectic taste of Turkish cuisine, with options like beef stifado, a dish stuffed with peppers, and filled with feta cheese, rice and spinach. They also serve some traditional Turkish meals and plenty of delectable desserts to tuck into as well.

Al Kababgi London, turkish dishes

Al Kababgi.

If you’ve spent the day exploring Hyde Park and taking in the scenery around Buckingham Palace, you’ll probably have worked up quite the appetite! Well, Al Kababgi is just around the corner from London’s most beautiful park, so give it a whirl. This delightful restaurant offers a perfect setting for lovers of Middle Eastern cuisine. Small and elegant, Al Kababgi provides all who enter with a crack spot for a catch-up, while their menu of delicious meze delicacies and mouth-watering larger plates helps ensure that many a taste and appetite are catered to.

Blacklist Lounge London Turkish cuisine

Blacklist Lounge.

Camden Town is a great place to socialise with friends and family. It’s full of fantastic bars and pubs, while the food scene is exciting too. You’ll find one of the best Turkish restaurants in London in Camden Town, and it’s called Blacklist Lounge. Whether you’re looking somewhere to dine with the family or just chill out with friends, Blacklist Lounge serves the highest quality food and desserts from the Mediterranean. This delightful spot is somewhere to get away and enjoy the chilled ambience while also tucking into flavourful meze dishes and plates of meat, vegetables and rice.

Capital Restaurant London, Turkish food set on a table

Capital Restaurant.

The final stop on our tour of Turkish restaurants in London takes us to the Capital Restuarant in Edmonton. If you want a delicious kebab, head to Capital. Delighting locals and tourists for over 10 years, this authentic venue is a must-try location if you’re nearby. Visit Capital Restaurant to enjoy their award-winning charcoal grill kebabs and relax with friends in a cosy atmosphere. What more could you ask for?

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