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The best Italian restaurants in Chester.


Dylan Mitchell

Atina Kitchen cocktails chester

Chester is home to many different restaurants of all types of cuisine. If your favourite choice is Italian (who can blame you), it is home to plenty of options for you to enjoy a meal to remember. Take a look at our Chester restaurant offers to find great deals at these restaurants and plenty of others while you’re out in the city.

Top Italian restaurants in Chester.

Chester is a wonderful city to discover, so make sure you’re prepared by making your meal out as great as your trip. If you’re thinking of choosing an Italian restaurant when dining out in the city, this guide has some superb choices for you to consider. 

At tastecard, we’ve compiled a list of Chester's best Italian restaurants so you can get your hands on some great Bella Italia deals. Check out our list below to pick up some tasty restaurant deals:

  • Zizzi

  • Atina Kitchen

  • Prezzo

  • Bella Italia

  • Carluccio’s

Zizzi pizza and pasta dishes


You can’t go wrong with Zizzi. If you think the traditional Italian classics need a bit of a shake-up, then Zizzi is the place for you.

Those seeking an alternative Italian experience can find a Calzone Carne Piccante, Rustica Pinoli and even Pasta Crisps. No matter whether you want to have your slice of Italian cuisine in the form of a pizza, pasta, lasagne, risotto or even something else, Zizzi has plenty of options to breathe new life into your standard Italian.

Atina Kitchen Chester - cocktails

Atina Kitchen.

Atina Kitchen is home to Italian cuisine with some modern British switch-ups. This means that Atina is a great choice if you want an Italian but would prefer a little bit of wiggle room if you don’t feel like fully committing to it at the last minute. The chefs at Atina are highly skilled and create each dish with a keen eye for detail, so your experience at Atina will be a memorable one.

If you want some inspiration for some Brit-Italian dishes to try, Atina offers some interesting options such as braised rabbit gnocchi, vegetarian lasagne and squash risotto. They also do some really good cocktails, treat yourself to one... or ten.


With over 20 years of experience, Prezzo will provide everything you’re looking for and more from your Italian dining experience. When you need somewhere to chill out after a day of exploring in Chester, Prezzo’s ambience and soothing atmosphere earns the chain a spot on our list.

Can’t decide what sort of dish you would like? Prezzo has some fantastic choices on offer, from creamy carbonara topped with crispy prosciutto to traditional slow-braised beef spaghetti bolognese, Prezzo’s mains are unbeatable. If you’re in the mood for something sweet afterwards, the classic sticky toffee pudding or scrumptious vanilla honeycomb smashed cheesecake will certainly do the job.

Bella Italia kids dishes

Bella Italia.

In the hunt for the best Italian restaurants in Chester, you can’t get much more authentic than Bella Italia. The people over at Bella Italia take pride in bringing the spirit of Italy all the way to Chester. No matter if you’re taking the family out for a meal or you’re having a romantic dinner for two, Bella Italia’s fine range of pasta, pizza and even burgers is sure to satisfy everybody at the table.

Carluccio's bruschetta


When it comes to the best of the best of Italian cuisine, Carluccio’s is one of our faves. Using only the finest ingredients, Carluccio’s takes regional classics from Italy and ensures they’re presented beautifully and at reasonable prices.

For the seasoned Italian diner, Carluccio’s is the best choice to really taste the flavours of Italy. Don’t miss out on the ricotta and spinach ravioli, chicken Milanese, risotto ai funghi or limoncello tart for some mouth-watering treats that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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