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The best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Nottingham.


Dylan Mitchell

Nottingham is a fascinating city with plenty of places to spend your time. It’s also a foodie’s paradise with a multitude of cuisines available to try on almost every street corner. For vegetarians, there are plenty of options to choose from, which is why we’ve decided to put a list together of the best vegetarian restaurants in Nottingham. Interested in finding your new favourite spot to eat? Check out our list!

Veggie-friendly restaurants in Nottingham.

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  • Haveli

  • Chino Latino

  • Fat Cat

  • Eggsquisite

Haveli Nottingham


Haveli is a fine establishment that serves exquisite Indian food. If you love some spice in your food then this restaurant is a must-visit. A lot of the dishes on their menu include meat so it’s not strictly a vegetarian restaurant. However, their veggie options are fantastic and pack a punch when it comes to flavour. Haveli has a selection of vegetarian starters and main courses, including Daal Makhani, Saag Aloo and Saag Paneer.

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Chino Latino Jalapeno Maki Sushi

Chino Latino.

The menu at Chino Latino draws upon the flavours of China, South East Asia and modern Japan, with a range of fresh sushi dishes inspired by the East. It’s a restaurant that offers plenty of flavours that cater to all tastes. Plus, with their vegetarian offerings, Chino Latino has become one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Nottingham. Their hot aubergine maki, which is a Penang curry sauce with coconut milk and sesame crust is a popular dish, as is the quinoa with sauteed vegetables. This consists of quinoa, baby corn, sweet potato, courgette, bok choy and aji amarillo sauce. It’s absolutely delicious!

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Fat Cat Nottingham Halloumi Burger

Fat Cat.

With the backdrop of the city centre, Fat Cat has put its name in the hat as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Nottingham. Its sumptuous dishes and flavours keep customers coming back for more, time and time again, and it’ll be the same for you once you’ve eaten there! The main menu offers a feast of veggie options, with the veggie burger a particular highlight. It features a plant pattie, grilled halloumi, house salsa and their very own burger sauce - yummy. There are other options, too, including mushrooms on toast, margherita pizza, sweet potato fries and, if you’re just after something light, a Caesar salad.

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Eggsquisite Nottingham


The final stop on our journey around Nottingham’s best vegetarian restaurants takes us to a quaint place with a funky name. Eggsquisite provides delicious breakfast food for all who enter with a huge offering on their menu. They also offer plenty of vegetarian options, including a veggie breakfast bowl with a free-range egg, grilled halloumi, baked beans, tater tots, mushroom sauce and fresh guacamole. There are also mouth-watering egg burgers and a number of sweet treats and sides, including brioche French toast, cookies, crepes, and churros.

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