Money Saving Tips

How to save money on lunch at work.


Tom Pressman

When it comes to making work lunches, most of us are full of good intentions but sometimes we just get into a grind. Our lunch boxes end up being the product of how much time we have and what we can find lurking at the bottom of our fridges and cupboards. If you’re anything like team tastecard then your time is down to the wire before leaving the house for work and so the corner shop ends up supplying a bag of expensive, overpriced crisps and a can of energy drink by way of your midday meal.

It’s not good enough though, is it? Not only is this way of eating very unhealthy, but it’s also expensive and likely to give us a coronary before the age of fifty. Things need to change, and quickly! But how we hear you hollering as you snaffle yet another salty snack from cupboards whose only role is to hold more and more ‘grab it and go’ unhealthy foods. 

It’s all in the planning.

We know it's not new news, nor rocket science but it cannot be restated too often; preparation is key. Healthy eating is often deemed to be more expensive than the snacky processed foods for which we reach time and again, however, preparation and our smart tastecard tips can help to save you money whilst making sure you take nutrient-dense work lunches.

Batch cooking is the way forward to ensure you’re keeping the costs down and the health quotient up. When you’re batch cooking you should try to cook double batches of meals or bulk recipes out with plenty of veg to make the meal go further. If possible, try to put aside a few hours each weekend to batch-cook your work meals for the week ahead –  some extra effort on a Saturday or Sunday can save you loads of hassle when thinking about how to save money on lunch at work.

Also, those plastic containers with lids that you get from the takeaway  - don’t look mystified, we know your takeaway habit is the stuff of legend (!) - are the perfect reusable option for freezing loads of meals you have prepared. They’re also suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher. Genius!

Sandwiches but make it interesting.

The humble sandwich can be the most painfully boring of work lunches, but if you put in the prep then you can turn this most dull of work meals into a spread fit for a king. You don’t need to splurge either, we’ve sought out two of the most interesting and filling of sandwiches that will give you an easy meal option for the times when you don’t want to batch-cook your weekend away.

A chicken sandwich might not sound like it will tickle your tastebuds but what if you took a pre-seasoned grilled chicken thigh,  some dill dressing and some freshly sliced veggies? You could prep all the components ahead of time and store them separately in the fridge for up to four days for an easy lunch option all week long.

Or how about the venerable classic? The egg mayo sandwich is surely proof of how good a classic British sandwich can be. It is loaded with flavour, soft and creamy, and the taste packs a punch if you do it right - a fine addition to any lunchbox worth its salt. Which reminds us, add a healthy pinch of salt to your egg mayo before popping the mixture between slices of bread and always ensure you add a little watercress. It’s worth the effort to add that bright, slightly peppery taste to your sandwich of choice!

Saving dough on the dough.

Some days it’s just too hard to prep though isn’t it? Although we are aficionados of a healthy dollop of meal prep here at tastecard we also know that sometimes - and this mostly seems to happen on a Friday when we went out for beers the night before - you just need a hearty pizza or pasta dish to soak-up the excess.

Ordering pizza is our solution to many things - believe us, many a chat with Sandra in finance has been improved by offering her a slice of our meatfeast (naughty!) -  but to make sure it doesn’t get too expensive then we reach for our tastecards and get pizza delivery discounts delivered right to our office doors. 

If ordering pizza on a Friday lunchtime is wrong, we don’t want to be right! Whether you’re celebrating the end of a busy week or you just want to inhale some cheesy carbs then, join tastecard and make the most of our pizza delivery discounts.

Doughnuts but make them lighter (on the wallet!).

We’ve talked about how much we LOVE our food deliveries here at tastecard towers and we don’t stop at junction savoury. Oh no, we are keen to explore all that our tastecards have to offer. Why wouldn’t we be when we know that barista coffee and fresh doughnuts can be purchased from Krispy Kreme with a 25% discount if you use tastecard? 

We’ve teamed up with Krispy Kreme, king of all doughnuts and home of the Original Glazed doughnut to give you 25% off both drinks and doughnuts, Sunday to Thursday nationwide. You’ll need to mention tastecard at time of booking but it’s super simple to order directly from the Krispy Kreme website or pop into your local shop to pick up your gooey, delectable treat. You could take it back to the office to share, or you could snaffle the entire haul yourself. We promise we will never judge! 

Start saving with tastecard.

When you join tastecard you can access a fabulous range of discounts on many of your favourite work lunch options; maybe do what we do and take your pre-prepared healthy lunch options on days when you have time but on days when things are a little rushed rely on tastecard to help you achieve work lunch for less.