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tastecard's top saver value hacks.


Dylan Mitchell

Check out our tap savers' 'Value hacks'.

At tastecard, we're all about giving genuine people (like you) genuine savings. We can toot our own horn and tell you how great our deals are all day, but we know it means even more coming from our money-saving members. So, we thought we'd introduce you to our ‘Value hacks’ – our latest blog series that puts the spotlight on our top savers over the last month and lets them share a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of tastecard. 

Value hack #01

We caught up with 48-year-old tastecard top-saver Fiona for our first Value hack. She told us she saved a rather delicious sum of money last month and why she loves being a tastecard member...

“I saved around £150 last month! I love being a member; it encourages me to visit restaurants I’ve not tried before, and it saves us up to half the cost of the food bill, allowing us to eat out more often.”

It’s great to see we’ve saved Fiona a big chunk of cash, and even better to hear she’s able to dine out more often thanks to tastecard. She also shared a tasty money-saving tip…

“When we dine out as a three with our daughter, we order an extra meal, so there are four meals ordered, and two are free.”

Well, if you’re ordering three meals, you may as well make it four when they’re 2 for 1 – what a great way to make the most out of your card Fiona! She’s also a big fan of the app…

“If we're away from home, we always search on the tastecard app to see if there are any restaurants nearby who accept it.”

If you’re not already, you could soon be tucking into heaps of savings just like Fiona. So, what are you waiting for? Join tastecard today.

Value hack #02

Our next top saver is 45-year-old Londer Leo, who managed to save himself a tasty sum of £50 last month. Here's how he did it...

"I changed my habit a bit and started to dine out in my favourite restaurants on non-peak days of the week to enjoy my favourite food at half the price." 

Good tip Leo; dining on days your favourite restaurant accepts tastecard can save you a bunch! Here's another word of wisdom:

"I like to check out the app to see what offers are around when visiting a new place. The app has a map to show all the surrounding offers; it's so handy."

Just like Fiona, Leo loves using the map feature on our app to scout out surrounding deals. Why don't you sign up and give it a go yourself? 

Value hack #03

tastecard is suitable for all ages! Just look at Maddie; she's only 19 and has already saved over £100 in the last 6-12 months. Maddie's a big fan of tastecard as it allows her to widen her palate and try new places without worrying about spending too much money, and she's not just saving at restaurants...

"The freedom of choosing locations for dining is great, and I love utilising the cinema options too! tastecard really can be used for much more than tasting! You could visit a theme park and then go for a meal afterwards, saving with tastecard for both! I can't think of anything better!"

On one of her recent dining escapades, Maddie went to Zizzi and got 2 starters and 2 mains for less than £20! Wondering how she saves so much? Here's one of her tips...

"Dine with a friend and order the most expensive things that you want to try. Don't forget, you'll only pay for half of the bill as starters, mains, & desserts are included in the 2 for 1 offer (in most places). Drinks aren't included in the 2 for 1 deal so stick to water to save the most you possibly can!"

Maddie's favourite way to save is heading with friends and family, dining using her tastecard, and splitting costs afterwards; that way, none of them feel as though they're stretching their purse strings! 

Keep an eye on this blog post for even more Value hacks...

We'll be introducing you to more top savers as the weeks go by and sharing their money-saving 'Value hacks'. Keep heading back to this post for more. 

In the meantime, sign up to tastecard and start saving today – you might just be our next top saver!